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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

California passes law for workers' compensation drug formulary

When a worker is injured on the job, those involved - the worker, the employer, the insurance company and medical professionals - have one goal in common: to get the employee back to work as quickly as possible. While this may be based on good intentions, sometimes the rush to get back to work can cause more problems than the original injury. Some of those involve the treatment options prescribed for recovery.

California workers' compensation rates could decrease

When someone gets injured on the job, is it possible that they are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits for the pain and suffering that might be experienced. However, in California, it is possible that these compensation rates could see a drop in value.

Workers' compensation law is constantly changing

To the old adage, "The only certainties in life are death and taxes," you can add one more thing: it is a certainty that nothing will ever always remain the same. This is true of California law: if the statutes themselves are not changing by acts of the state legislature, then the state (and sometimes federal) courts are changing it through their case decisions interpreting what it really means.

Are there any regulations about repetitive motion injury?

The term "repetitive stress" in connection with workplace injury may bring to mind people who sit at their desks typing all day developing carpal tunnel syndrome in their hands and wrists, but repetitive motion injury, the term that the California Department of Industrial Relations uses, encompasses many more kinds of work-related injuries. So much so that the department has issued regulations governing what employers must do to reduce the frequency of the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries.

How do I appeal an adverse worker's compensation decision?

Although workers' compensation is intended to assist you when you are injured on the job or become ill due to a work-related cause, not every workers' compensation benefits claim goes smoothly. Sometimes your employer or its workers' compensation insurer will deny your claim. Such a denial is not the end of your claim process, but you must understand how to work your claim through the appeals process to keep it alive.

Workers' comp and Social Security disability benefit limits

California workers' compensation benefits can cover the consequences of work-related accidents and illnesses ranging from temporarily being unable to work through long-term permanent disability. But workers’ compensation is not the only possible source of lost income replacement and medical expense coverage that may be available in the case of an injury serious enough to lead to a disability. Social Security can also provide a disability benefit to injured workers.

Does suing a third party affect workers' compensation benefits?

An Orange County, California, worker injured on the job will usually be entitled to workers' compensation benefits because most employers in the state are required to provide it. Someone who is a work accident victim, or is the victim of an occupational disease, may file a claim for benefits to cover things such as lost wages, medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses. The family of a worker killed in a construction site accident or in some other workplace accident may also file a claim for benefits under workers' compensation.

Bah humbug! The office party and workers' compensation claims

Whether it's the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas or a co-worker's birthday in the middle of the summer, a workplace injury accident can dampened the spirits of an office party.

What is a "workplace" for workers' compensation purposes?

In the previous century, the definition of the "workplace" was fairly narrow. Most people walked into an office building, a manufacturing plant, or onto a piece of land where they would perform their job responsibilities. But as industries evolved into nationwide and even international conglomerates, the "traditional" workplace could be extrapolated to work being done on a company's job site in another state or even another country.

OC employees should seek workers' comp if injured on the job

When an employee suffers an accident at work and sustains a serious injury, workers' compensation may be pursued in most cases. Unsafe working conditions could cause a workplace injury accident and an OSHA investigation may take place as a result.


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