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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Could failure to yield have caused fatal motorcycle crash?

A car turning in front of oncoming traffic proved deadly to a 20-year-old Orange County man whose motorcycle collided with it. According to police at the scene, the fatal motorcycle crash happened in the middle of the day as the southbound motorcycle struck the northbound car that was executing a left turn.  

Helmets help prevent injuries in a motorcycle collision

Although the wearing of a safety helmet by motorcyclists has been proven to increase the survival rate of motorcycle accident victims, the majority of states have not made helmet use mandatory. The year after California enacted its universal safety helmet law in 1992, making it mandatory for drivers and passengers on motorcycles to wear helmets, fatal motorcycle crash deaths went down 37 percent according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CHP policy change on motorcycle accidents and lane splitting

In a recent post we discussed the legalization of lane splitting in California. As you may recall, lane splitting is the procedure in which a motorcycle rider passes vehicles going in the same direction on a multi-lane road by passing between two lanes. As we pointed out, studies appeared to support the safety of the practice although some people believed it might contribute to an increase in motorcycle collision incidents.

Fatal motorcycle crash statistics up 15 percent in Orange County

Cheap gas prices at the pump and an economic recession could have prevented lives from being lost in California motorcycle accidents, according to the most recent fatal motorcycle crash data available from the state. There has been a 23 percent increase in motorcycle accidents statewide that some attribute to higher gas prices and a better economy.

Lane splitting found to be legal and safe for California bikers

Imagine you are stuck in a traffic jam, crawling along at a snail's pace, getting more and more frustrated because you are going to be late for work, an appointment, or to pick the kids up from school. Suddenly, some guy on a motorcycle zips effortlessly between you and the car in the next lane.

Are there safety precautions in place for motorcyclists?

Fatal motorcycle crashes may leave us questioning whether motorcyclists are to blame. These traumatic events often lead to catastrophic injuries like broken bones or a spinal cord injury, neck injury, head injury or brain injury that may cause permanent disability. It may be possible to prevent a motorcycle collision by ensuring safety precautions are followed.

Southern California is an attractive place for motorcyclists

Southern California is an attractive place to live and to visit for many reasons. One of the appealing features of living in Orange County is the many warm and sunny days that you get to enjoy. One consequence of this seemingly endless summer is that motorcycles are seen traveling along California roads with regularity throughout the year.

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal for even experienced riders

Motorcycles can provide thrills for their riders. The phrase "one with the road" is often used to describe the experience. But the pleasure of being a motorcycle rider can also result in tragedy for even the most experienced riders. A recent motorcycle accident in California is an example of how accidents can happen to novice and experienced riders alike. 


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