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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Helmets aren't just for safety

Many states, including California, have mandatory helmet laws for motorcycles. It may seem like government overreach and a "nanny" state, but it is done to encourage people to ride their motorcycle safely. Regardless of your opinion, if you are caught without a helmet, it could result in a ticket. Aside from the safety aspect, absence of a helmet could be used by the defendant to reduce the money that he or she owes you.

Commonly overlooked motorcycle accident injury - road rash

For most of us, when we think of motorcycle accidents, images of horrific crashes instantly come to mind. Due partly because of the lack of protection a motorcyclist has in comparison to other modes of transportation but also in part because of how easy it is to miss seeing a rider if you are distracted for even a moment. Unfortunately, a distracted driver is the most common cause of all accidents, including motorcycle accidents.

How do you strengthen your case after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents almost always result in significant injuries to the motorcyclist. If you look at the statistics in California alone, a large majority of them are fatal. This is due to the minimal protection that a motorcycle provides when compared to a vehicle such as a car or a truck. When injuries are more significant, the case will become a lot more complex. There are also a number of additional factors that come into play when dealing with a motorcycle accident case, such as the science behind the accident.

California motorcycle accident: 3-vehicle crash leaves 1 dead

California is a popular state for motorcyclists, thanks to its famously traffic-jammed freeways and a law allowing lane-splitting. Unfortunately, a high number of motorcycles means a high number of motorcycle accidents. In one of the most recent, which occurred in late February, one man lost his life.

Motorcycle accidents often leave victims seriously injured

Motorcycles are popular for commuters in California, and they are especially popular in Southern California. The region's climate and the state's stance on lane-splitting make motorcycles not only enjoyable choices for commuters but also intelligent ones. Unfortunately, due to the high number of motorcycles on California freeways, the area also has a high number of motorcycle accidents.

Man dies in motorcycle crash with inadequate helmet

A recent news story is a tragic example of the dangers motorcyclists can face when out riding. While the benefits may outweigh the risks, motorcycle accidents are very commonplace and can very easily be fatal or completely life changing.

What to do if you were involved in a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders face serious risks when they are out on the road. Unfortunately, a lot of these risks stem from the carelessness of other drivers. Many drivers fail to notice motorcycle riders until it is too late, or they do not provide enough space between the two vehicles. When a motorcycle accident does happen, emotions can run high. Remember that how you handle yourself immediately after an accident can have significant consequences. This post lists the first steps you should take if you were involved in a motorcycle accident.

Lane splitting as cause in fatal motorcycle crash

Although motorcycle accident reports for a one-year period list lane splitting as the cause in one-sixth of the collisions in the state, California remains the only state that permits the practice. The dangers that are inherent in allowing a motorcyclist to pass other vehicles by traveling between adjacent lanes were tragically illustrated by a recent fatal motorcycle crash.

What are some of the common reasons for a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycles offer people an inexpensive, fuel efficient method of travel that allows them to enjoy the fresh air and scenic beauty of California. Unlike drivers of cars or SUVs who must sit inside an enclosure made up of a steel frame and sheet metal, motorcycles offer riders an unobstructed view of their surroundings while sitting atop a lightweight and easily maneuverable machine.

Lane-splitting: the legal gray area

California's coasts, mountains and freeways make it an ideal place for motorcyclists, especially in Orange County. But the picturesque setting is not the only reason bikers love this state. The laws surrounding motorcycles are softer here than in other states, especially when it comes to lane-splitting. Basically, California has no laws preventing it, so bikers and police alike have taken that as making it legal. A proposed bill, under review in state legislation is set to regulate, but not eliminate, the maneuver.


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