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Truck Accidents Archives

Fault at issue in fatal hit-and-run where second car hit victim

When a person dies in a fatal traffic accident, the investigation usually centers around the vehicles at the scene when the accident occurred. In an accident involving a bicycle, most scenarios would involve serious injuries to the bicyclist caused by the driver of the vehicle that hit the bicycle. But some scenarios are more complicated.

Truck accidents can happen when and where you least expect them

A big rig traveling under control at highway speed is an instrument of commerce. But because of its size and weight, if the driver loses control then that same vehicle can quickly turn into a fearsome battering ram on wheels. This is effectively what happened in Pacoima, California, when a big rig suddenly left the freeway it was traveling on and careened down an embankment and onto an off-ramp.

Fatal truck crash reveals need for maintenance and recordkeeping

Owners and patrons alike in a Pittsburg restaurant received a rude surprise recently when an 18-wheeler truck towing two trailers smashed into the premises. Although all inside the restaurant apparently escaped injury, the driver of the vehicle died in the accident, and the restaurant incurred extensive property damage. Witnesses claimed that the truck lost its brakes before plowing into the restaurant.

We are your advocates if you are injured in a trucking accident

Living in modern society is often an exercise in trade-offs and mixed blessings. A significant example of this truism is embodied in the form of the 18-wheeler commercial truck. Without it much of our essentials and many conveniences that we count on having might not be available or be harder to come by. But in an instant of negligent driving, a big rig can become like an enraged elephant, easily trampling anyone unlucky enough to be in its path.

Drunk truck driver allegedly at fault for accident that kills 2

The intersection between criminal law and the potential for a civil lawsuit when it comes to truck accidents has been demonstrated recently by a truck collision with a passenger vehicle in Fresno County, California.

Truck accident damages 10 vehicles, kills 1 and injures 7 others

The formidable size and power of a commercial truck, and its potential to wreak havoc in an accident, was tragically apparent recently on a California highway when a tractor-trailer rig went out of control and crashed into a line of traffic.

Two die in California multi-vehicle accident involving dump truck

Large trucks pose a danger on the roads greater than other, smaller vehicles. Constructions vehicles on highways in California and across the country are prevalent in the summer months, during repairs and construction, heightening the threat of a tragic accident.


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