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Workers' Compensation Archives

Cal/OSHA levies fines for OSHA violations in 91 Freeway death

When an accident occurs on a construction site, it is not unusual for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health to become involved in the investigation. That possibility is increased when the accident involves a worker's injury, and especially when there has been a death on the site.

Worker killed, another injured at Orange County construction site

Construction work is often cited as a dangerous occupation resulting in many workers' compensation claims. But when several parties are involved in the project that results in a construction site accident, the question of responsibility may be debated among the potential defendants.

Work accident victim killed at General Motors plant

Anyone who has followed the news in the last few months is likely aware of the legal troubles surrounding General Motors for deaths resulting from defects in vehicles the company manufactured. But another death related to the company's manufacturing processes may involve another realm of the law known as workers' compensation.

Bridge construction site accident kills 2 California workers

Last September a small rural California town held a ground breaking ceremony to celebrate the beginning of a new bridge project, the purpose of which would be to safely connect two counties. The town officials had no way of knowing, however, that the construction site for their new bridge would eventually become the site of a tragedy.

Defective office chairs can pose risk of on-the-job injuries

When someone reports a workplace fall to a supervisor, it might not be unusual for the injury to be caused by fall from a piece of machinery at a construction site. Rarely is a fall caused by an equipment malfunction of an everyday office item found in cubicle farms in California and across the country. But Office Depot has recently announced a recall of office chairs in connection with more than 150 reports of a defective part that has caused at least one serious injury involving a fractured back and hip and 25 other reported injuries.

California is at the bottom in workers' compensation rankings

California residents who find themselves having to rely on workers' compensation benefits may be dismayed to learn that their state ranks 48th in the nation when it comes to how much they receive in benefits.

Even movie stars are required to obey workers' compensation laws

When you hear a news report about an employer failing to carry adequate workers' compensation coverage or comply with state workers' compensation laws, the usual image is of an industrial plant or a construction site. Rarely would the image of an award-winning actress come to mind. But actress Tina Fey has been hit with a fine for failing to comply with state workers' compensation laws.

Who is responsible for workplace accidents away from worksite?

Sometimes work-related accidents do not happen at a fixed worksite. On-the-job accidents can actually occur wherever an employee is doing the job he or she was hired to do, regardless of whether it is at a permanent jobsite or not.

Movie magic won't protect workers from deadly on-the-job injuries

In movie fairytales, living happily ever after is the expected ending, but that's not always the case during the making of a movie. Whether in California or elsewhere, injuries on the set are not uncommon. A recent accident that occurred while shooting a movie ended in the death of a young woman who was working on the set. Several other workers suffered on-the-job injuries on location for the film depicting acclaimed musician, and a founding member of The Allman Brother's Band, Gregg Allman.


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