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Workers' Compensation Archives

How do you file a workers' compensation appeal?

Workers' compensation is wage replacement payments that employers (or their insurance companies) pay to employees who are injured on the job or performing duties related to their job. California was one of the first states to pass mandatory workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is critical for many families who rely on the payments during these stressful times.

Department of Labor implements new rules on civil penalties

The government is equipped with multiple tools to convince companies that complying with labor laws is cheaper than trying to avoid them. The government does this through a variety of agencies from the Department of Labor to the Internal Revenue Service. One of these tools is "civil penalties." A civil penalty is a forfeiture of money to the government when a company violates one of the rules. Unfortunately, many of these civil forfeiture laws were passed over 20 years ago and they were not pegged to inflation.

Permanent Disabilities and Workers' Compensation in California

As you are probably aware, most workers' compensation benefits do not last forever. In fact, most of them end after one year. So what happens if you are unable to recover from your work injury? This post will go over permanent disability benefits and how they may apply to you.

Returning to work and the effect on benefits

Workers' compensation pays benefits to employees who are injured on the job. The benefits are paid regardless of who was at fault. If you were at work doing your job, you are protected by workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation pays benefits so long as you are unable to work. So what happens to your benefits when you return to work? This post will go over the effect that returning to work has on your benefits and what it may mean for you.

What to know if you are injured while working

Workers' compensation in California exists to provide medical expenses and other benefits to injured workers. But just because you are injured while at work does not mean these benefits are automatic. You must file a claim and get it approved before you can get compensation for your injuries. This post will go over what you should do immediately after you are injured.

Know your rights regarding workers' compensation coverage

Every employer in California is required to carry workers' compensation insurance, even if they only have one employee. Most employees working in the state are covered by the State Compensation Insurance Fund that protects them in the event of a work site injury or illness. The 'State Fund' as it is known, was enacted to protect workers for lost wages, medical care, disability and death that are due to a workplace injury.

On-the-job injuries on the rise among Hispanic workers

California has one of the largest Hispanic populations in the United States. As a result, it also has a high number of Hispanic workers. While statistics show on-the-job injuries are decreasing across the board, increases are being seen in workplace accidents involving Hispanics. The question is "Why are Hispanics suffering so many injuries?"

Can I pursue a third-party claim and workers' compensation?

In a short answer, yes. But you probably won't get the results you would like unless your injury or ailment involved a failure or malfunction on the part of a third party. Look at your workers' compensation as a benefit to which you are entitled if you are hurt at work, or at a work function or even on a break at work. It affords both you and your employer a level of protection to a certain degree, with defined amounts you can be paid and making it inconsequential whether the injury was due to your negligence or not.

Are a worker's dependents entitled to workers' compensation?

Workers who are injured on the job are usually entitled to file workers' compensation claims to recover receive their lost wages, have their medical expenses paid and receive payment in the event of a permanent disability. If the injuries suffered by a work accident victim are severe enough to result in the worker's death, benefits might be available for the individual's spouse, children and other dependents under the workers' compensation laws in California.


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