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Premises Liability Archives

California premises liability law vs. sovereign immunity

Premises liability cases often turn on the responsibility of a property owner or occupier to you if you are injured due to a condition on the property, or because of negligence on the part of an employee of a business.

Amusement park rides: sometimes you really should be scared

One thing you can count on is that manufacturers of amusement park attractions, such as roller coasters and other rides that are meant to, safely, terrorize the riders will keep looking for ways to top what they have already done. The latest roller coasters are truly impressive in the speeds they can attain and the gravitational forces they can generate, all in the quest to provide a greater thrill.

If I fall in a retail store, how long do I have to file suit?

No matter how careful a property owner might be, grocery stores throughout California may present hazardous conditions for an unsuspecting customer. Water sprayed on vegetables to keep them fresh, or bottles of liquids that fall from a shelf in an aisle and break, can create a wet floor and the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

What is property owner liability for recreational use of land?

A property owner may owe a duty of care to more people than just those who are invited onto the property by the owner or who are there with permission. In a recent post, we discussed an exception to the usual premises liability rules that would make owners liable when the injured party is a child, even a child who is trespassing.

My child was injured while trespassing; does that bar a lawsuit?

For many years, the law in California governing a property owner's liability to others, followed the notion that the legal status of the person who was injured had a direct impact on that person's ability to recover for the injuries he or she suffered. The law classed people on the property of another into categories such as "invitees," or "licensees," or "trespassers," depending on what degree of permission, if any, they had to be on the property of the landholder where they were harmed.

Is the property owner liable for a fall in a retail store?

The responsibility of a commercial property owner in California for the safety of people injured while shopping at a retail store or at a shopping mall depends on whether the injured person was lawfully on the property and whether the property owner was negligent.

Hurt in a slip-and-fall accident? Consider legal action

A customer running errands on any given day does not expect to suffer injuries while he or she is out shopping; we tend to assume that businesses will be on the lookout on our behalf for conditions that could cause us harm. But unfortunately, a slip-and-fall accident is a distinct possibility if a negligent property owner does not address possible hazardous conditions at his or her store.

Shopping Injuries: What they are, and how you may recover

When they think of "shopping injuries," many people may think of wallets and purses bruised by inflation. But the term actually describes serious events  that result in thousands of physical injuries annually to customers of retail establishments in California and across the country.

How might vicarious liability apply to truck accidents?

Any accident that involves someone working for another party at the time it occurred raises the possibility that the accident was job-related. This possibility brings into consideration the legal concept of vicarious liability.

Was security present when woman attacked outside Santa Ana club?

Digital technology has revolutionized recreational photography. Instead of waiting to have an entire roll developed, we can check immediately to see if someone's eyes are closed, if there are shadows or even if a specific pose makes us look a little chubbier than we might like. In some cases, we might even notice the excited face of someone we don't know thrown into the mix.


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