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Posts tagged "Premises Liability"

Premises liability claim after slip-and-fall accident

Businesses have a legal duty to ensure that customers are safe from injury on their premises. A disregard for the safety of clients may lead to customers being injured when tripping or slipping. A California company is in just such a position, as a lawsuit against them after a slip-and-fall accident, has recently proceeded to trial.

Trip-and-fall accident results in claim against property owners

Governmental authorities and property owners have a duty to ensure that public premises, such as shops, restaurants, offices, sidewalks and parks, are safe for the public to use. They are also legally required to post clear signage about any hazardous areas. Should a member of the public suffer any injuries due to property owners ignoring their duties, a civil claim may follow. In early May, a claim was filed against Californian property owners after a woman was injured in a trip\-and\-fall accident.

City sued after alleged trip-and-fall accident

How often does one walk on uneven and poorly maintained sidewalks and pathways in cities while thinking how dangerous it is? It often appears as if city councils and business owners in California do not realize their responsibility toward the general public. In fact, premises liability claims can be instituted against businesses, as well as city governments, in cases where someone suffered serious injuries after a trip\-and\-fall accident.

Hair salon owner blamed for fall on broken pavement

California residents who have never suffered a slip\-and\-fall accident will be surprised at the severity of the injuries such an incident can cause. Premises owners are responsible for the maintenance of their properties to protect consumers from slipping or tripping on slippery or uneven walkways. This includes the area outside the business entrance and in the parking lot. A client of a hair salon in another state recently filed a premises liability lawsuit after an alleged trip-and-fall accident on a broken pavement.

Premises liability: Trip-and-fall accidents are but one danger

Civil law pertaining to premises liability allows for victims injured on the property of another party to pursue personal injury claims based upon evidence of negligence. An injured victim may elect to file a claim after being injured in an accident, for example a trip\-and\-fall accident, due to the negligence of a landlord, for example. These types of accidents are not the only grounds for a premises liability claim.    

Walmart sued for negligence after alleged slip-and-fall accident

Californian customers visiting supermarkets, shops and other public places expect to do so without fearing possible injuries. This means that owners and managers of such establishments should make sure that there are no hazards, such as wet surfaces or loose carpets, which can lead to slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents. Warning signs should be used in case of possible hazards. Neglecting to pay attention to possible hazards, or not warning customers, may result in the establishment having to answer to a personal injury claim in a court of law.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Where does the responsibility lie?

Owners of businesses, such as restaurants and grocery stores, have a responsibility to protect their clients and keep them safe from injury. Unfortunately not all owners make sure that their premises are safe. Slip-and-fall accidents are not uncommon and customers often suffer more serious injuries than most people think.  

Broken pavement: Sidewalk crack causes wheelchair to tip

California resident may be surprised at the severity of injuries that can result from a fall on damaged walkways. While a broken pavement, damaged sidewalk or a pothole in a parking area can cause customers to shopping areas or visitors to other public facilities to trip and fall, it is equally hazardous to wheelchair users. Owners of properties at which the general public is welcomed have a responsibility to provide safe environments for all.

Trip-and-fall not the only grounds for premises liability

Why can't hotel guests open the windows in their rooms completely in California and across the United States? A security consultant says that, in the majority of states, building codes contain restrictions on how wide hotel windows may open in order the make rooms more secure. Windows that only open slightly make trip\-and\-fall accidents through them nearly impossible.

Family sues after trip-and-fall accident

A duty lies on the relevant authorities or owners of buildings to keep visitors to stadiums, shoppers in shopping malls and even pedestrians walking on pavements safe from injury by ensuring all possible hazards are eliminated. Anyone in California who has been seriously injured in a trip\-and\-fall accident, or similar mishap, may have grounds to file a civil claim against the owner or relevant authority. A wrongful death claim has recently been filed by a family in another state approximately a year after a father of five fell to his death at a stadium.


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