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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

California car accidents: 4 people killed in head-on crash

People who have indulged in drugs or alcohol and still insist on driving should expect that their evening may end in tragedy. Car accidents often result when a driver exercises poor judgment, and alcohol can seriously impact a person's judgment. In a recent example, a young woman suspected of drunk driving killed four motorcyclists when she drove the wrong way on a California highway.

Car accidents involving speed often end with fatality

Most California city streets are busy places, with various types of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists vying for space. Presumably, everyone hopes to move about the urban landscape safely, but in order to do so, each person must consistently follow the rules of the road. In particular, people operating motor vehicles should pay attention to their speed when driving in a busy area, as car accidents can easily happen when a driver treats a city street as if it were a highway. This seems to be what happened recently when a woman blew through a red light, killing a pedestrian and seriously injuring his wife.

California car accidents: Woman killed by car while sleeping

As everyone knows, a person can be involved in a tragic event at any moment as daily life is unfolding. In fact, car accidents can sometimes involve people who are not even in a vehicle at the time. In a recent example, a California woman is dead after a car slammed into her apartment building while she and her young daughter were sleeping.

Car accidents can happen when people text and drive

Over the last few years, most people in California and across the country have heard many messages touting the dangers of texting while driving, and in most states, drivers who do so are breaking the law. Car accidents can easily happen when drivers are looking down at a cellphone, even if for only a few seconds. In that time, they may fail to see vehicles or other obstacles in their path or a road sign. Unfortunately, a girl was killed and five others were injured in a recent multiple-car crash that seems to have been caused by a texting driver.

Car accidents can be prevented with proper road signage

California drivers know that some roadways are more difficult to safely navigate than others. When driving in more challenging areas, drivers must focus on the task at hand more than usual in order to avoid car accidents. In a recent example, a crash involving five vehicles left two women dead and several other people injured.

Wrong-way drivers often cause serious car accidents

As any California resident understands, people who hold a driver's licence have a serious responsibility while operating a vehicle of any sort. They need to remember they are in control of a large piece of machinery, and car accidents often result when people fail to properly manage such a potentially dangerous machine. Therefore, it is imperative they follow the rules of the road and make responsible choices before getting behind the wheel, including avoiding drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, even with so much media attention focused on the dangers of drunk driving, it seems some people continue to make poor choices before driving.

California car accidents: 12-year-old girl suffers head injuries

Many California residents would find it difficult, if not impossible, to understand why a person involved in a collision would flee the crash scene. However, unfortunately, car accidents are followed by such behavior all too often. One recent example resulted in a child suffering head injuries, four other people injured and a man facing serious felony charges.

California car accidents: street racing leads to man's death

Most California drivers practice safety when operating a motor vehicle: wearing seat belts, obeying traffic signs and road rules and adhering to posted speed limits. For some reason likely unknown to most responsible drivers, some people enjoy street racing, and it is not uncommon for such behavior to lead to car accidents. Sadly, one recent incident of this completely unsafe practice has robbed a man of his life.

California car accidents: Woman and 5 dogs killed in police chase

Sometimes when a person commits a crime, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the initial act sets off a series of events leading to an unexpected conclusion with very serious consequences. For example, car accidents resulting from police chases are not uncommon, and because of the high speeds involved, sometimes cause fatalities. In a recent example, a California woman and five dogs were killed in a crash in Long Beach.

Car accidents sometimes happen very close to home

Everyone knows that tragedy can strike at any time during travel anywhere, particularly when a person is in a vehicle of any sort sharing roadways with other vehicles. However, many people assume that once they are very close to their destination, they are likely then safe from harm. Unfortunately, this assumption is not always accurate since car accidents can happen at any time. As a horrific example of this fact, two California men were killed in a hit-and-run accident as they approached their home.


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