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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Fatal car accidents can result from drivers' poor choices

In California and elsewhere, people who are operating any type of motor vehicle should make responsible choices before getting behind the wheel. Sometimes, car accidents happen due to circumstances beyond the control of anyone involved. Other times, tragedy results when one person has failed to make a smart choice, such as avoiding drugs or alcohol before driving. Such may have been the case in a fatal accident in which one man was killed and several others were injured.

Fatal car accidents sometimes happen in rideshare vehicles

Many California residents use rideshare programs, such as Lyft and Uber, to transport them to and from work, social events or other destinations. Most people using this transportation option likely assume it is a safe way to travel, and certainly for people who have been drinking, it is much safer than getting behind the wheel themselves. However, no matter what safety measures have been taken, sometimes car accidents still happen due to other variables, such as other drivers on the road.

Multi-vehicle car accidents can cause serious damage

Most California drivers understand the importance of paying close attention to one's surroundings while behind the wheel and that speed must be adjusted according to such variables as weather conditions, traffic situations and obstacles of any sort. Drivers who fail to slow down when necessary can sometimes cause car accidents resulting in tremendous damage. Such was the case in a recent multi-vehicle pileup on the San Bernardino Freeway in Claremont that left one person dead and many others injured, some critically.

California car accidents: 2 fatalities in head-on crash

Any person holding a valid driver's licence should know the responsibility that comes with such a document. While on the road, drivers should remember they are in charge of a large piece of machinery that, if not controlled properly, could seriously injure or kill a person. Car accidents can occur in a split second following driver error of any sort. Unfortunately, this may have been what happened when two people died recently in crash on a California roadway.

California intersection has seen several fatal car accidents

Some California residents choose to walk regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle or simply to better see the surrounding sights while enjoying a relaxing leisure activity. Unfortunately, when pedestrians walk a route covering roadways, they must share some of their space with moving vehicles. Sadly, car accidents sometimes result, and typically, the pedestrian does not fare as well as the driver. This is what happened recently on a Fresno road when a man was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

California car accidents may result in multiple fatalities

Unfortunately, some people do not seem to heed the continual warnings in recent years about the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These people will still get behind the wheel of a car no matter what they have been doing immediately prior. Sometimes, auto accidents, whether in California or elsewhere, are caused by such reckless behavior, and sometimes these accidents result in fatalities. Sadly, this was the case when a two-vehicle collision caused four deaths.

Car accidents due to driver DUI often cause serious injuries

Where there are large crowds of people walking near roadways, there is also the potential for multiple injuries if a vehicle veers off the road for any reason. Although a driver can lose control due to sudden illness or injury or even simply from a moment of distraction, authorities often conclude that drugs or alcohol are to blame in car accidents. Such was the case in California when a driver under the influence of drugs plowed his truck into a large crowd of people.

Car accidents involving pedestrians are often fatal

Many California residents enjoy walking as a mode of transportation, a leisure activity or even as a form of exercise. However, these days, it seems car accidents involving pedestrians are happening all too frequently, and often these accidents do not end well for the pedestrian. Sadly, such was the case when a young woman lost her life as a result of a hit-and-run accident in Redondo Beach.

Serious car accidents can happen when drivers speed

The safest option when driving is to adhere as closely as possible to posted speed limits, yet some drivers still feel the need to speed at times. Perhaps a particular stretch of road entices them, or maybe the type of vehicle they are driving creates the urge to drive faster. However, California speed limits are posted for a reason, and sometimes drivers who ignore them cause car accidents. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently in Northridge.

California car accidents: Teen driver, passenger killed in crash

Parents always want their children to make it home safely. Understandably, when teens start to drive, their parents worry that their inexperience behind the wheel could result in an accident. Unfortunately, car accidents often do take place while teenagers are driving, and the outcomes can be tragic.


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