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Workers' Compensation Archives

Postal worker dies -- workers' compensation claim possible

Record-high summer temperatures have been recorded in California during the month of July. While some may enjoy the hot weather, workers may be exposed to unsafe work conditions, especially if they work in an environment where they are not protected from these high temperatures. The possibility of workers' compensation claims cannot be excluded.

Lone workers claiming workers' compensation -- what to know

The saying "safety in numbers" holds particularly true in establishing a safe working environment. Often safety awareness is created when one employee observes another. However, unsafe working conditions may lead to claims for monetary relief. In cases of workers working on their own away from others, one question arises -- do such workers have the same rights in terms of workers' compensation claims?

Workers' compensation: The risks posed by welder fumes and gases

In its pursuit of protecting workers from harm, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations for all industries. The California Division of Health and Safety visits companies to monitor the compliance with these rules. Where necessary, OSHA puts industry-specific regulations in place to address hazards that are unique, or of exceptional concern for particular industries. Records of workers' compensation benefits claims often indicate which injuries and illnesses are prevalent in specific sectors.

Workers' compensation claims possible after fatal accident

There is no doubt that some jobs are more dangerous than others. A tragic accident on a recent Thursday in June makes one aware of the dangers faced by construction workers working on California roads. The death of two road workers leaves the families with a choice to file workers' compensation claims.

Fatal on-the-job injuries lead to charges

Employers are required to do everything reasonably in their power to ensure the safety of their employees. A disregard for the safety of employees may lead to on\-the\-job injuries, which may then result in workers' compensation claims. When California employers and/or managers disregard safety regulations, the risk of an accident leading to fatal injuries increases. 

Appropriate safety equipment can prevent most on-the-job injuries

Workers in all sectors in California have to deal with some occupational hazards. Although the various industries might have inherent dangers, some general risks are present in most work environments. Safety authorities say many on\-the\-job injuries occur due to the lack of safety equipment. Employees may not realize that they can insist on being provided with the necessary protection to keep them safe.

California deputy suffers on-the-job injuries in car accident

While most people are thankful for the work done by law enforcement officers, few may actually spend much time thinking of the risks involved in fulfilling their daily duties. Theoretically anybody can suffer on-the-job injuries, but certain occupations are considered more dangerous than others. One group of high risk workers is law enforcement officers. A recent accident in California highlights the dangers involved for officers on the job.

Workers' compensation: Common mistakes employers make

In order to ensure a healthy thriving business, Californian business owners needs to keep their fingers on the pulse of their companies and make sure every aspect is taken care of. This is often not an easy task, and sometimes mistakes are made. Such mistakes may not only negatively impact on the business but also on employees. One important aspect business owners often find daunting is handling workers' compensation.

Five main reasons for workers compensation claims

Workplace injuries are much more common than one may think. In fact, statistics indicate that approximately 4 out of every 100 full-time employees may suffer a workplace injury in any given year, with the healthcare and construction industries having the highest propensity for workplace injuries. This is why California companies are legally required to have workers' compensation insurance.


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