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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Motorcycle accidents can result from dangerous passing

Most drivers likely understand the need to sometimes pass a vehicle in front of them when, for example, that vehicle is moving too slowly for the passing driver. When such a move is necessary, most drivers will do so with safety in mind. However, some drivers do not make wise choices and will pass another vehicle even in unsafe conditions. Although accidents involving unsafe passing or other risky actions can, of course, happen with any motorized vehicle, motorcycle accidents tend to be the most deadly, and this was certainly the case recently in Southern California.

Motorcycle accidents: California man struck and killed

Many California residents understand the appeal of motorcycles as a mode of transportation, as they can be fun to ride, and they allow the rider to enjoy being outside at the same time as the biker is getting from one place to another. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the vehicle's compact structure, motorcycle accidents happen all too often, and when they happen, typically, the motorcycle rider will not fare well. Such was the case in a recent accident when a motorcycle rider died following a collision with a truck.

Motorcycle accidents: Little protection leads to injuries

While riding a motorcycle may bring about some benefits such as being a fuel-efficient, it also holds certain dangers. As a two-wheeled vehicle, a motorcycle needs more coordination and skill than driving a car. In California and elsewhere, motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries because there is little protection available to bikers and passengers.

Motorcycle accidents -- hit-and-run accident leads to injuries

One driver was the cause of serious injuries to multiple persons in two related accidents on a recent Sunday in November. At first, in a hit-and-run accident, a biker was seriously injured. Then, the fleeing driver crashed head-on into another vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents: Claims after passenger injuries a reality

Little compares to riding with someone on a bike on the open California road. Many say the feeling of freedom one experiences is next to none, but the reality is that motorcycle accidents seldom end well for either party. Both biker and passenger are exposed on a motorcycle and therefore accidents often lead to serious injuries.

Motorcycle accidents -- dangers attached to being a biker

Riding a bike on the open road may be the epitome of freedom, and the summer months are the best time to spend on the open road, according to avid Californian bikers. That is just one side of the story, however. The other side claims that biking is a lot riskier than driving a car.

Motorcycle accidents: Vulnerability of bikers evident in accident

After a long cold winter, the warmer months create an ideal time to feel the freedom of the road on a motorbike. Many bikers express the view that there is nothing like the feeling of riding one's bike on the open roads, but many will also acknowledge the vulnerability of a biker and the possibility of serious injury in motorcycle accidents. A recent fatal accident in California is just one more example of how vulnerable a biker is.

Motorcycle injuries range from road rash to brain injuries

While it may appear easy to ride a motorcycle, the truth of the matter is that it requires a lot more coordination and skill than most people would think. Riding a motorcycle also requires the driver to show constant awareness of the surroundings as well as driving defensively. California bikers who forget these important safety guidelines may find themselves suffering injuries more serious than road rash.

Suing after motorcycle accidents ??? what to do

California is known for its mild climate making it ideal for the use of a motorcycle, moped or scooter, especially to help save on traveling costs to and from work. Despite the benefits of this mode of traveling, one cannot get away from the fact that bikers are more exposed and a lot more vulnerable than people in larger, enclosed vehicles. Reality is that other drivers are often not as vigilant as they need to be. Sadly, motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries.

Motorcycle accidents: biker claims autonomous car is to blame

Self-driving cars are here to stay, and the expectation is that these autonomous cars will become more and more common on all U.S. roads in the near future. The topic of self-driving cars is a controversial one with many singing the praises of these cars while others are not so sure. Since 2014, there have been at least 54 accidents involving self-driving cars reported.


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