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Phone addicts fueling distracted driving epidemic

Whether you believe that humans' attention spans are shrinking, you have probably noticed that more and more drivers are looking at their phones when behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a serious and growing problem, and while many people engage in distracting behavior, one group is driving a sharp increase of this problem. Phone addicts spend more time on their phones while driving, and they are putting you at risk.

Like many addicts, phone addicts rarely recognize that they have a problem. This means that most are unwilling to address their dangerous driving habits. A Distracted Driving Study from Zendrive broke down just how serious this problem is becoming.

The number of phone addicts doubled

The 2019 third annual version of the Distracted Driving Study determined that the number of phone addicts doubled over the past year. These phone addicts look at phones three times more than the average driver, which keeps their eyes off the road for extended periods of time. They also actively ignore the task at hand about 28% of the time. Not only are these drivers engaging in dangerous behaviors at higher rates than other people, they also spend more time on the road than drivers in the general population.

Following the study, Zendrive spoke directly with drivers in its first Distracted Driving Survey. The survey participants generally acknowledged that distracted driving is a problem. Still, few were willing to recognize their own behaviors. Here are a few key points from the survey:

  • 90% said they were safe drivers.
  • 47% said they use phones at least 10% of the time when driving.
  • 85% said distracted driving is problematic.

The problem is bigger than drunk driving

You might be on the lookout for possible drunk drivers when driving between midnight and around 3 a.m. This is when drunk drivers are most likely to be on the road. But are you paying as much attention to what other drivers are doing from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.? This 11-hour period is when distracted drivers are most likely to be on the road, but researchers cautioned that they are present at all hours of the day.

Experts say that distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. However, the number of distracted drivers far outpaces the number of drunk drivers. So, not only are the peak hours for distracted driving longer than for drunk drivers, you are also more likely to encounter a distracted driver because there are simply more on the road.

Lives are more important than phones

Whether a California driver is texting, scrolling through social media or making a video call, nothing is more important than paying attention to the road. None of this seems to matter to phone addicts. Even the fact that a driver looking at his or her cell phone is much more likely to cause a crash than an attentive driver is not enough to change some people's behavior.

The average distracted driver will also apply the brakes 9% slower than the average driver, if at all. This could explain why your accident and injuries are so severe. Recovering from injuries related to distracted driving can be physically and emotionally painful, and you may also struggle to cover your medical bills. While you might feel worried about the future, you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney about your options for filing a personal injury suit. Successfully pursuing such a claim can help you recover necessary compensation related to your accident.

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