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July 2019 Archives

Car accidents involving speed often end with fatality

Most California city streets are busy places, with various types of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists vying for space. Presumably, everyone hopes to move about the urban landscape safely, but in order to do so, each person must consistently follow the rules of the road. In particular, people operating motor vehicles should pay attention to their speed when driving in a busy area, as car accidents can easily happen when a driver treats a city street as if it were a highway. This seems to be what happened recently when a woman blew through a red light, killing a pedestrian and seriously injuring his wife.

Jury awards $1.9 million to woman in slip-and-fall accident

When people enter a retail store in California and elsewhere, typically, they are focused on locating and purchasing the needed goods that brought them there in the first place. Many people, while searching shelves, reaching for products and perhaps even carrying on conversation with others may not notice they are walking on an unsafe surface, especially if there are no signs warning customers of unsafe conditions. Recently, a woman in another state was awarded $1.9 million for injuries she suffered in a slip-and-fall accident.

California car accidents: Woman killed by car while sleeping

As everyone knows, a person can be involved in a tragic event at any moment as daily life is unfolding. In fact, car accidents can sometimes involve people who are not even in a vehicle at the time. In a recent example, a California woman is dead after a car slammed into her apartment building while she and her young daughter were sleeping.

Pit bulls, mixed breeds cause most children's dog bite injuries

Dogs can make great family pets, and it is not uncommon to spot owners walking their four-legged friends around neighborhoods. While most of these dogs might seem completely harmless, the reality is that they are still animals, and animals can attack. Certain dogs in particular have particularly strong jaws and are more prone to biting than others. Sadly, dog bite injuries affect children more than adults.

Motorcycle accidents can result from dangerous passing

Most drivers likely understand the need to sometimes pass a vehicle in front of them when, for example, that vehicle is moving too slowly for the passing driver. When such a move is necessary, most drivers will do so with safety in mind. However, some drivers do not make wise choices and will pass another vehicle even in unsafe conditions. Although accidents involving unsafe passing or other risky actions can, of course, happen with any motorized vehicle, motorcycle accidents tend to be the most deadly, and this was certainly the case recently in Southern California.

Car accidents can happen when people text and drive

Over the last few years, most people in California and across the country have heard many messages touting the dangers of texting while driving, and in most states, drivers who do so are breaking the law. Car accidents can easily happen when drivers are looking down at a cellphone, even if for only a few seconds. In that time, they may fail to see vehicles or other obstacles in their path or a road sign. Unfortunately, a girl was killed and five others were injured in a recent multiple-car crash that seems to have been caused by a texting driver.


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