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June 2019 Archives

Resort guests should be warned of wet surfaces

Any California resident who has traveled and spent time in a resort setting knows that amenities at these types of vacation spots typically include a pool and/or beach. Inevitably, water from these areas will be tracked through common resort areas at times, and guests must exercise caution to avoid a slip-and-fall accident on wet surfaces. However, the resort also has a responsibility to ensure safety measures are in place, such as appropriate signage to warn of possible hazards.

Some workplace injuries happen over time

Traumatic workplace injuries, such as those from workplace violence or construction site falls, often make for compelling news stories. Falls are among the most common fatal workplace accidents, so it is understandable that workers know how to protect themselves from these hazards. In industries where these accidents are common, you may notice an emphasis on using personal protective equipment and fall prevention devices.

Car accidents can be prevented with proper road signage

California drivers know that some roadways are more difficult to safely navigate than others. When driving in more challenging areas, drivers must focus on the task at hand more than usual in order to avoid car accidents. In a recent example, a crash involving five vehicles left two women dead and several other people injured.

Wrong-way drivers often cause serious car accidents

As any California resident understands, people who hold a driver's licence have a serious responsibility while operating a vehicle of any sort. They need to remember they are in control of a large piece of machinery, and car accidents often result when people fail to properly manage such a potentially dangerous machine. Therefore, it is imperative they follow the rules of the road and make responsible choices before getting behind the wheel, including avoiding drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, even with so much media attention focused on the dangers of drunk driving, it seems some people continue to make poor choices before driving.

California car accidents: 12-year-old girl suffers head injuries

Many California residents would find it difficult, if not impossible, to understand why a person involved in a collision would flee the crash scene. However, unfortunately, car accidents are followed by such behavior all too often. One recent example resulted in a child suffering head injuries, four other people injured and a man facing serious felony charges.


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