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May 2019 Archives

On-the-job injuries lead to $13 million settlement with Tesla

California residents would likely agree that all workers have the right to expect a safe work environment, no matter their employer. However, on-the-job injuries, unfortunately, can and do occur in many different types of workplace settings. Although some workplaces come with more potential for injuries, such as car manufacturing plants, these employers have a responsibility to be even more diligent about maintaining safety standards and providing proper training for all employees.

California car accidents: street racing leads to man's death

Most California drivers practice safety when operating a motor vehicle: wearing seat belts, obeying traffic signs and road rules and adhering to posted speed limits. For some reason likely unknown to most responsible drivers, some people enjoy street racing, and it is not uncommon for such behavior to lead to car accidents. Sadly, one recent incident of this completely unsafe practice has robbed a man of his life.

Things you should know about workers' compensation

If you've suffered an injury while on the job, you may qualify for certain benefits that will help you on your road to recovery. Workers' compensation benefits are available to most California residents, but few actually know how these benefits work or what they actually cover. There are also those who fear filing workers' comp claims will cost them their jobs.

California car accidents: Woman and 5 dogs killed in police chase

Sometimes when a person commits a crime, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the initial act sets off a series of events leading to an unexpected conclusion with very serious consequences. For example, car accidents resulting from police chases are not uncommon, and because of the high speeds involved, sometimes cause fatalities. In a recent example, a California woman and five dogs were killed in a crash in Long Beach.

Car accidents sometimes happen very close to home

Everyone knows that tragedy can strike at any time during travel anywhere, particularly when a person is in a vehicle of any sort sharing roadways with other vehicles. However, many people assume that once they are very close to their destination, they are likely then safe from harm. Unfortunately, this assumption is not always accurate since car accidents can happen at any time. As a horrific example of this fact, two California men were killed in a hit-and-run accident as they approached their home.

California car accidents: 8 pedestrians injured at crosswalk

Most California drivers spend their time behind the wheel of a car focusing on avoiding a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians or inanimate objects. However, for whatever reason, occasionally a driver appears to do the exact opposite and deliberately crashes into someone or something. Car accidents of this type are rare, but police suspect this may have been what happened in a suburb of San Jose. The driver is now charged with eight counts of attempted murder.


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