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April 2019 Archives

California car accidents: 1 dead, 1 injured in 3-vehicle crash

Instead of celebrating renewed life at Easter, the family of one man in California is likely mourning their loss. However, they may have to deal with more than that because the driver who died may have caused the accident. As with the case with all car accidents that result in serious injury to others and the driver at fault was killed, his or her estate can face lawsuits from those adversely affected in an attempt to recover damages.

Fatal car accidents can result from drivers' poor choices

In California and elsewhere, people who are operating any type of motor vehicle should make responsible choices before getting behind the wheel. Sometimes, car accidents happen due to circumstances beyond the control of anyone involved. Other times, tragedy results when one person has failed to make a smart choice, such as avoiding drugs or alcohol before driving. Such may have been the case in a fatal accident in which one man was killed and several others were injured.

Be aware of the Valley Fever risk if you work in California

If you work in California in construction, excavation, landscaping, agriculture, archaeology or another job that disturbs the soil, you would be wise to gain knowledge about Valley Fever. It is crucial to recognize the symptoms of this devastating fungal disease and get medical treatment early. The coccidioidomycosis fungal spores live in the soil and become airborne when you disturb the soil.

Fatal on-the-job injuries can result from lack of safety measures

Employees of any company are entitled to safe working conditions. Employers are obligated to maintain safety measures on equipment as well as provide sufficient training for all employees in the proper procedures and operation of such machines in order to prevent on-the-job injuries or death. Unfortunately, a California ceramic manufacturing company failed to maintain such standards, resulting in an employee's death and significant penalties for the company.

Fatal car accidents sometimes happen in rideshare vehicles

Many California residents use rideshare programs, such as Lyft and Uber, to transport them to and from work, social events or other destinations. Most people using this transportation option likely assume it is a safe way to travel, and certainly for people who have been drinking, it is much safer than getting behind the wheel themselves. However, no matter what safety measures have been taken, sometimes car accidents still happen due to other variables, such as other drivers on the road.


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