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Dog owners are responsible for their pets' behavior

As well as dog owners claim to know their dogs, no one can really predict if a dog will bite. Even the most docile and friendly dogs reach their limits if provoked or unwell, and if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be the victim of a devastating attack. Dog bites can leave you with deep lacerations that require stitches, broken bones, torn muscles and disfiguring scars.

While many dog owners are attuned to their dog's moods, there are still some whose irresponsibility places you and others in danger. If you suffer injuries from an unprovoked dog attack, you may have questions about your rights.

Keeping dogs under control

Who knows what goes on in the mind of a dog when it lunges at you for no apparent reason? You may have been walking by your neighbor's house as you do every day or standing in your own front yard when a dog approached you and bit you. Perhaps friends or neighbors invited you into their home and their unrestrained dog attacked you. While you may be unable to prevent every incident that may lead to a bite, responsible pet owners do the following to reduce the chances:

  • Train their dogs to behave and obey
  • Avoid using physical discipline
  • Desensitize their dogs to frightening situations, such as loud noises or crowds
  • Socialize their animals to be around people and other pets
  • Restrain their dogs on leashes or behind fences
  • Observe their animals for signs of aggression or defensiveness
  • Use a muzzle if the dog is difficult to control
  • Keep their animals' vaccinations up to date

Vaccinations are critical because dogs carry diseases that they can transmit to humans through their saliva. In fact, the most common side effect of a dog bite is infection, which can be serious if the puncture wounds are deep.

You may know the rules of safety when it comes to dealing with dogs. For example, you don't approach a strange dog or touch a dog that is sleeping. However, dog owners in California own strict liability for their animals, and you may have cause to seek compensation after an attack that left you injured. Dog owners who believe their dogs will never bite are fooling themselves. Dog owners who believe there are not responsible for their dog's behavior may have a difficult lesson to learn.

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