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March 2019 Archives

Multi-vehicle car accidents can cause serious damage

Most California drivers understand the importance of paying close attention to one's surroundings while behind the wheel and that speed must be adjusted according to such variables as weather conditions, traffic situations and obstacles of any sort. Drivers who fail to slow down when necessary can sometimes cause car accidents resulting in tremendous damage. Such was the case in a recent multi-vehicle pileup on the San Bernardino Freeway in Claremont that left one person dead and many others injured, some critically.

Motorcycle accidents: California man struck and killed

Many California residents understand the appeal of motorcycles as a mode of transportation, as they can be fun to ride, and they allow the rider to enjoy being outside at the same time as the biker is getting from one place to another. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the vehicle's compact structure, motorcycle accidents happen all too often, and when they happen, typically, the motorcycle rider will not fare well. Such was the case in a recent accident when a motorcycle rider died following a collision with a truck.

Dog owners are responsible for their pets' behavior

As well as dog owners claim to know their dogs, no one can really predict if a dog will bite. Even the most docile and friendly dogs reach their limits if provoked or unwell, and if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be the victim of a devastating attack. Dog bites can leave you with deep lacerations that require stitches, broken bones, torn muscles and disfiguring scars.

California car accidents: 2 fatalities in head-on crash

Any person holding a valid driver's licence should know the responsibility that comes with such a document. While on the road, drivers should remember they are in charge of a large piece of machinery that, if not controlled properly, could seriously injure or kill a person. Car accidents can occur in a split second following driver error of any sort. Unfortunately, this may have been what happened when two people died recently in crash on a California roadway.

Trucking accidents often tragic, even if truck is stopped

Truck drivers have a great deal of responsibility, and to be safe on the road, they must fully focus on the task at hand. In order to do so, drivers must be well-rested, and since long-haul drivers often must endure very long trips involving many hours of driving in one stretch, they struggle at times to fit sufficient sleep into their schedules. Unfortunately, in their efforts to do so, trucking accidents sometimes occur, and this is what happened in an incident on a California freeway.


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