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Traumatic brain injuries can affect many bodily functions

The brain is typically considered the part of the body that makes a person who he or she is. It stores memories, controls bodily functions, affects personality and allows you to think. Of course, the brain also controls a number of other important aspects of your body and life.

Because of the vitality of the brain, you likely understand the immense importance of avoiding serious injury to your head or the organ itself. Unfortunately, try as you might, you cannot always avoid situations in which serious injuries could occur, including those that lead to traumatic brain injuries.

TBI effects

A TBI can have considerable impact on the way you function. In particular, your cognition could suffer a great deal of harm in the event that your brain suffers damage. Cognition refers to your brain's ability to think, retain knowledge and use that information. It also pertains to your attention, memory, reasoning, impulse control, organization, communication and other important abilities.

Unfortunately, a TBI can result in the diminishing of many of your abilities. You may find yourself restless and easily distracted, and you may no longer feel able to keep up with conversations. You may also struggle to understand what people are trying to tell you or how ideas relate to one another. It can become difficult for you to find the right word or to use non-verbal communication, like body language.

Seeking help

Luckily, medical treatment and therapy may help you improve your abilities over time. You can also implement tactics to help you better deal with the negative effects of your injury, like giving yourself more time to complete tasks or taking breaks when needed. However, each case of TBI differs, and you may not see the same recovery results as another person with a brain injury.

Pursuing compensation

You may struggle a great deal after suffering a TBI, and the negative outcomes may not stop at your physical or mental abilities. You could end up losing your job due to an inability to complete the necessary tasks as you once could, and you will undoubtedly have a considerable amount of medical expenses to address. As a result, you may face a number of financial difficulties.

Because of these and other outcomes that can result from a TBI, you may wonder whether you could seek compensation for your injuries. In the event that your injury occurred from a car accident caused by another driver's negligence or due to a dangerous condition on someone else's property, you may have reason to file a personal injury or premises liability claim in California against the liable parties in order to pursue monetary restitution.

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