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Some of the injuries that happen most often in the workplace

No matter where you work here in California, your job probably comes with certain hazards. State and federal laws require your employer to provide you with a safe workplace. What that means in your industry may vary from other workplaces, but the point remains the same -- your employer has a duty to protect you from harm.

Most employers do what they can to comply with this requirement, and 364 days of a year, you may go home safely at the end of your workday. However, it only takes one incident on one day to throw your life into chaos and prevent you from meeting that goal.

Common injuries that happen in the workplace

Below are some of the most common workplace injuries that could cause serious injury:

  • Repetitive motion injuries -- When you perform the same task repeatedly, you could eventually suffer significant injuries. For example, if you spend your workdays typing, you could develop back pain, carpal tunnel or even eyestrain.
  • Overexertion injuries -- When you spend your workday pushing, pulling or lifting it could take a toll on your body. Other actions that lead to this most common and most expensive type of injury are throwing, carrying and holding.
  • Workplace violence -- If another employee becomes physically violent, you could suffer serious injuries.
  • Slipping or tripping -- Whether the floor is slippery, uneven or damaged, or someone left an object in a walkway, you could trip or slip. Even if you remain upright and don't fall, you could easily strain your back or cause some other damage to yourself in an attempt not to fall. If you fall, you could suffer additional injuries. 
  • Machine entanglement -- Without protective equipment and the proper safety measures, you could get your clothes, hair or a body part stuck in a piece of machinery or equipment. 
  • Falling from heights -- If your job duties require you to regularly use ladders, scaffolds or otherwise work at a height, falling is a potential hazard. The farther up you are, the more severe any injuries you suffer could be. 
  • Vehicle accidents -- If one of your job duties is to drive, you encounter the same risks as anyone else on the roadway. 
  • Falling object injuries -- Whether an object falls off a shelf or someone drops it, it could cause a variety of injuries to you depending on where it hits you. 
  • Walking into injuries -- If you walk into a cabinet, a door or a wall, you could injure more than your pride. 

As you can see, many of these hazards could apply to any workplace, not just one in which obvious hazards exist. Even a simple fall uneven carpeting or flooring could result in broken bones or worse. If you do suffer one of these common injuries, or an uncommon one, while at work, you may be able to obtain workers' compensation benefits to pay for your medical expenses associated with the injury, along with a portion of your income to help you continue to support you and your family during your recovery.

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