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Do work comp benefits cover RSI?

You've been at your job for a while. Every day is the same thing. Day in and day out, you perform the same functions, the same movements. After some time, you notice that these common movements are causing stress on your body. Repetitive stress injuries are a very real thing and, yes, in California, work comp benefits should cover them.

RSIs are often called overuse injuries. They can happen to anyone, in any type of job. What should I do if an RSI presents itself? What if my employer denies my work comp claim?


RSI is not a new term. It has actually been around since 1912. Over that last 100 plus years, things have surfaced about this condition, and ways to prevent it are often shared with employers and employees. Currently, prevention methods include:

  • Using proper posture
  • Using better tools
  • Stretching and taking breaks when needed
  • Taking care when setting up one's workspace

These are just a few suggestions. While these ideas can help reduce stress on the body, they may not totally prevent and RSI from occurring. They are good ideas all the same.

Say something right away

RSIs can cause significant pain. Those who have them often end up missing numerous days of work. This affects productivity at work and can cause employees to lose money.

If you notice pain associated with repetitive movements at work, say something right away. The sooner you get treatment, the better off you'll be. In order to utilize work comp benefits, it is necessary to report the problem to your employer. From there you can file a work comp claim and get information about which medical providers your work comp insurance plan covers. You may be able to use your own physician, but you generally need approval first.

What if my claim does not receive approval?

You may start getting treatment long before you find out if your workers' compensation claim receives approval or a denial. If denied, you may be fully responsible for your medical bills which, obviously, is not an added burden you want or need. A claim denial is not the end of the world. It may still be possible to get work comp coverage through the appeals process.

Don't go it alone

When dealing with a work injury like RSI, work comp insurers are going to be really picky about approving claims. You have to prove that the injury is entirely work related, which can be difficult. If approved, you may find that the benefits offered do not fully cover the cost of care and lost pay. Of course, if denied, you may feel up a creek without a paddle. Don't fret; with legal counsel at your side, you may be able to fight for full work comp benefits.

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