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Was your workers' compensation claim denied?

An on-the-job injury is the last thing you need. Days off work mean days without pay. If you depend on every dollar of your paycheck, you know you can't afford to take time off to recover from a workplace accident. On top of losing hourly pay, you may also have to deal with medical bills and other costs associated with your injuries. This can add up to financial disaster for your family.

Fortunately, California's workers' compensation program covers your medical bills as well as lost wages when injured on the job. This system allows you the funds you need to take care of your family while you recover as well as protects your employer from a lawsuit every time a worker becomes ill or injured in the normal course of duty. All this may seem like the answer to your problems until the workers' compensation insurance company denies your claim.

Is your claim valid?

Workers' compensation is far from simple. Filing a claim requires the completion of certain paperwork, documentation of your injuries and verification from doctors and others. Additionally, your employer may refute your claims of injury, which may require even more documentation to prove your case to the insurance company. Receiving notice of your claim denial can be frustrating, but there may be a legitimate reason for the rejection, for example:

  • You did not meet the deadline for reporting your injury or illness to your employer.
  • You went to your own doctor instead of to a provider in the network of your employer's insurance company.
  • You did not give your doctor adequate information to support your claim.
  • Your claim is based on a pre-existing condition that your work duties merely exacerbated.

Of course, even if your injury happened on work property, it may not qualify for workers' compensation benefits. For example, if you were not on the clock and your injuries are not pertaining to any work activity, the insurance company may deny your claim. Additionally, if your injury occurred because you were fooling around on the job, you may not receive benefits.

Whether you are at the very beginning of your claims process or you have already received a rejection from the workers' compensation insurance company for what you believe is a valid claim, you are likely frustrated with the process and the legal hoops through which you must jump. You can always seek assistance from a legal professional who is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers.

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