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When sharing the road with a semi proves hazardous to your health

The number of commercial vehicles that are out on California roads increases with each new day. As a consumer, you may rely on these trucks to transport a variety of goods from place to place, but with the inherent size and weight of a semi, as a driver, their presence may also pose a threat to your safety.

While you probably don't want to be in any type of collision, you might have a fervent desire to avoid one with a commercial vehicle. Accidents involving large trucks can be devastating, and if hit by a semi, you may be the one who suffers the consequences.

Risk factors for commercial vehicle collisions

While there are a multitude of circumstances in which a collision may occur, truck drivers may face additional hazards in operating vehicles of a larger and heavier variety. Some of the most prevalent causes of accidents involving commercial vehicles could include the following:

  • Driver fatigue:  Demanding schedules can lead to long hours on the road, which makes fatigue a significant concern for many truck drivers. A tired or drowsy driver is inherently less capable of safely operating a commercial vehicle.
  • Vehicle size and weight:  Tractor-trailers don't maneuver as well as smaller vehicles and require more time to come to a stop. If a driver comes upon a sudden traffic jam or is generally unfamiliar with the area, your safety could be at risk.
  • Vehicle maintenance:  Commercial vehicles require constant maintenance, and failure to repair or replace any worn out or defective parts can prove devastating.
  • Lack of experience:  Truck drivers who lack the necessary experience or training may be much less capable of safely operating a commercial vehicle.

Truck drivers may also find it significantly more challenging to adjust to road conditions or inclement weather. Regardless of how it occurs, if hit by a commercial vehicle, you may be in search of restitution, but the process can be stressful and intimidating.

The next step

Commercial vehicle collisions can be exceedingly dangerous, and the injuries you suffer could be severe. With the extensive costs of medical treatment and the potential of having to take time off work during recovery, you might be in desperate need of relief. By speaking with someone with extensive experience in the area, you could obtain a better understanding of the process, which might prove invaluable to pursuing the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled by means of a personal injury civil claim.

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