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Pedestrian safety measures may not always prevent accidents

Almost everyone needs information regarding pedestrian safety at some point. The reason for this need relates to the fact that most people end up as pedestrians. Even if you use a vehicle to travel to and from locations, you will likely exit your vehicle and have to walk some distance to get to your final destination. During even a short amount of time, you could face serious risks, which may increase during longer walks.

No matter the distance you travel on foot, you may want to ensure that you take proper precautions to remain safe. In some cases, taking the extra safety measures could prevent accidents, injuries or even death.


Because your body takes up much less space than vehicles, drivers may easily overlook your presence. Therefore, you may wish to help make yourself more visible by wearing bright colors. When walking at night, wearing reflective material and carrying a flashlight could also help other travelers notice you. If you need to cross the street, doing so in a well-lit, marked area could increase your safety.

Awareness of dangers

You can face numerous dangers as a pedestrian even when following the rules, so you may wish to ensure that you do not place yourself at unnecessary risk. For instance, you should remain on the sidewalk when possible. If the area does not have a sidewalk, remaining on the shoulder of the road and walking in the opposite direction of traffic may prove beneficial.

Additionally, you should not consume alcohol before walking. Though this action may prove safer than getting behind the wheel while impaired, it could still increase your risk of getting hit.

Remaining aware of your surroundings may also provide additional safety. Even though an area may have a marked crosswalk with pedestrian signals, some drivers may not pay attention to those signals. Therefore, you may want to look for traffic yourself before crossing and not rely solely on signals. Of course, you should only cross the street when signals indicate.

Accident involvement

Unfortunately, even when you take precautions to increase your safety, you could still find yourself involved in a serious accident due to the negligence or other actions of a driver. In such a case, you may suffer due to serious injuries and wonder how to deal with the financial and emotional struggles that result. Luckily, you do have the option of filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault in order to seek restitution under California law.

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