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You can seek recovery for work-related carpal tunnel injuries

As a California worker, you know that you have the right to compensation in the event that you are injured on the job. However, you may be dealing with the complications of an unseen injury and wondering if you have the same rights. Carpal tunnel is one of the most common work-related injuries, yet many affected workers do not seek compensation.

If your job involves doing the same thing day after day, you could develop issues that cause pain and affect your ability to do your job. Carpal tunnel often results from months or years of typing, lifting or performing other types of repetitive motion that presses the median nerve in the wrist.

How can carpal tunnel affect your life?

Though invisible to the eye, carpal tunnel can have a significant impact on your life. This syndrome can be caused by a number of factors that can influence your ability to perform normal tasks. Symptoms and side effects include:

Tingling and numbness: This is caused by prolonged pressure on the median nerve, resulting in problems with the ring, thumb, middle or index finger. The numbness may impact your ability to do the following:

1. Drive without pain

2. Hold a pen or pencil

3. Type

4. Hold a phone or a book

5. Sleep without pain or discomfort

Weakness: As carpal tunnel progresses, it can become increasingly more difficult to work around the pain and push through the discomfort. People often are unable to work and eventually have difficulty doing the following:

1. Grip using the affected hand

2. Dress and care for oneself

3. Cook or clean

4. Hold objects without dropping them

As you can see, carpal tunnel is not a minor issue, nor is it one to be ignored by your employer or the workers' compensation insurance provider.

Claiming compensation for repetitive motion injuries

Unfortunately, many people in California do not seek rightful compensation for carpal tunnel issues that were caused or exacerbated by their work. Do not assume that you do not have a valid claim to workers' compensation because your injury was labeled as "minor" or your employer has downplayed the extent of your suffering. Any injured worker has the right to recovery, regardless of job description or type of injury.

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