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July 2016 Archives

You may have a claim if you have slipped, tripped or fallen

When you enter through the doors of the company you work for and the floors are slippery, you may notice the caution sign to refrain from walking on the wet floor. However, some companies may forget to place those signs on the main floor. People may slip on wet surfaces, fall on broken pavement or trip on rolled up mats.

Driver crashes into cop car while playing Pokemon Go

It seems like every year there is a new phenomenon that is taking drivers' attention away from the road. Cell phones, texting, games, GPS and even the radio all had their day in the hot seat. The newest fad to hit drivers is the game Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is a game that people can play on their smartphones. This particular driver was playing the game when he got into the accident.

Who regulates trucking safety in California?

California has one of the highest numbers of trucks present on its highways throughout the entire country. In total, trucks travel around 30 million miles every day on California roads and freeways. The California government has delegated the California Highway Patrol the duty to regulate all of that trucking activity. To meet that goal, the CHP has devised a program that combines education, enforcement and partnerships with industry to improve safety and save lives.

Department of Labor implements new rules on civil penalties

The government is equipped with multiple tools to convince companies that complying with labor laws is cheaper than trying to avoid them. The government does this through a variety of agencies from the Department of Labor to the Internal Revenue Service. One of these tools is "civil penalties." A civil penalty is a forfeiture of money to the government when a company violates one of the rules. Unfortunately, many of these civil forfeiture laws were passed over 20 years ago and they were not pegged to inflation.

Injuries associated with car accidents, Part 1

Cars are incredibly powerful and dangerous machines. They, on average, weigh over a ton. They can reach speeds of 80 miles-per-hour and more. They can be taken just about anywhere, for any purpose. They were a revolutionary machine that truly broke the human's connection and reliance upon the ground or town he or she was born. Cars enabled an entire generation of people to pick up and move. Unfortunately, cars are also incredibly dangerous. Cars are involved in thousands upon thousands of injuries and deaths every year due to mechanical failure, driver failure and drunken driving.


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