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March 2016 Archives

From wet surfaces to rolled-up mats, and who is responsible

How many times have you been out and about and had one of those moments where you almost fell?  I am sure you can even remember yourself saying things at the time like, "that was a close one" or "that darn mat." What if you did fall, who is responsible then? Wet surfaces, broken pavement and rolled-up mats do have one thing in common; they are hidden dangers that retail owners and operators are responsible for. It falls to them to ensure they are safe to walk on for every person entering their place of business.

Have you or someone you love been involved in a truck accident?

We see them daily on our nation's highways and byways, quietly rolling along as they perform their trade. Seldom do we stop and give thought to the devastating results of being involved in a collision with one of these giants. However, every year thousands of Americans are the victims of commercial truck-related accidents. Weighing as much as 40 tons, the sheer size of semi-trucks can cause catastrophic damage and injuries when involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle.

Know your rights regarding workers' compensation coverage

Every employer in California is required to carry workers' compensation insurance, even if they only have one employee. Most employees working in the state are covered by the State Compensation Insurance Fund that protects them in the event of a work site injury or illness. The 'State Fund' as it is known, was enacted to protect workers for lost wages, medical care, disability and death that are due to a workplace injury.

What can you do after a slip-and-fall accident in a store?

Accidents happen in retail stores in California and all other states on a regular basis. Sometimes, the accidents are purely coincidental. However, sometimes accidents occur that could have easily been prevented had business owners or managers acted with the safety of their customers as their goal. If you suffered injuries in a slip-and-fall accident at a store, what can you do?

California motorcycle accident: 3-vehicle crash leaves 1 dead

California is a popular state for motorcyclists, thanks to its famously traffic-jammed freeways and a law allowing lane-splitting. Unfortunately, a high number of motorcycles means a high number of motorcycle accidents. In one of the most recent, which occurred in late February, one man lost his life.


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