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January 2016 Archives

Can you sue a city over a trip-and-fall accident?

Slip-and-fall accidents and trip-and-fall accidents are among the most common types of accidents that occur due to dangerous property conditions. When these types of accidents occur, many people choose to file premises liability suits against the property owners or those who are responsible for maintaining the properties on which the accidents occurred. In most cases, the properties in question are owned privately, but what happens if an accident occurs on a piece of property owned by a California public entity?

Motorcycle accidents often leave victims seriously injured

Motorcycles are popular for commuters in California, and they are especially popular in Southern California. The region's climate and the state's stance on lane-splitting make motorcycles not only enjoyable choices for commuters but also intelligent ones. Unfortunately, due to the high number of motorcycles on California freeways, the area also has a high number of motorcycle accidents.

Man dies in motorcycle crash with inadequate helmet

A recent news story is a tragic example of the dangers motorcyclists can face when out riding. While the benefits may outweigh the risks, motorcycle accidents are very commonplace and can very easily be fatal or completely life changing.

Don't assume a truck accident is just the truck driver's fault

To understand how truck accidents are so prolific is to understand the entire big picture behind and beyond a behemoth diesel-powered cargo container on wheels attempting to stay in the lines and share the roads with cars they may not even see.  While that may be the most obvious contributing factor to a truck accident, what else is there? Investigating this goes far in determining possible scenarios of causation and pursuit of compensation.

Mother of hit-and-run victim pushes to pass new bill

A mother in Rancho Santa Margarita was forced to deal with the horror of finding out her son was the victim of a pedestrian accident involving a vehicle that fled the scene. Fortunately, unlike many hit-and-run accidents that result in fatal injuries to victims, her son was not killed. However, he was thrown off his skateboard and into a median, resulting in the loss of one of his toes.


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