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Semi-truck regulations save lives

Semi-truck drivers in California are often the best trained and most experienced drivers on the roads. One might ask, "If this is so, why are they involved in some of the most horrific accidents throughout the year?" An obvious factor is the sheer size difference between large tractor trailers and smaller passenger vehicles. Even a minor accident that involves a semi-truck can have major consequences. Small cars and even SUVs are no match for a vehicle that is the size of a semi.

Another key player in why semi-trucks are often involved in bad accidents is braking capabilities. It takes a great deal of force to stop a moving object of that size, especially one that is traveling of speeds upwards of 80 miles per hour. A truck driver cannot prevent their rig from colliding with another vehicle on short notice. They must have a good deal of space. Though drivers are aware of how much room they need to stop, they do not always follow the guidelines. 

A major reason why truck drivers are in accidents is related purely to driver fatigue. Federal regulations attempt to prevent such accidents from occurring by imposing regulations that limit the hours per day and week that a truck driver can operate. Under these laws, drivers are only permitted to work for 11 hours through a single day and 77 hours per week. Though these regulations were made to save lives, the hours are often surpassed in efforts to meet deadlines.

Federal regulations imposed on semi-truck operations can save lives. If you believe that you were the victim of an accident due to truck driver fatigue or other form of negligence, speaking with an experienced attorney might be very beneficial.

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