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Shopping Injuries: What they are, and how you may recover

When they think of "shopping injuries," many people may think of wallets and purses bruised by inflation. But the term actually describes serious events  that result in thousands of physical injuries annually to customers of retail establishments in California and across the country.

Although online shopping is fast becoming more popular, most people will still find themselves making at least some of their purchases in brick-and-mortar stores and other retail establishments, making shopping liability perhaps one of the most common exposures of Californians to potential personal injury based on negligence.

When one thinks carefully about the possible hazards in a store environment, it becomes easier to understand how shopping injuries can take place with the frequency that they do.

Liquid spills in a supermarket can result in a slip-and-fall; the warehouse store, with its stacks of bulk items on pallets can present an opportunity for something to fall and strike a customer. Poorly maintained parking lots or poorly lit aisles can present an environment ripe for an accident; even something as mundane as a shopping cart can cause injury.

If you do experience an injury at a store, your possible basis for recovery in the form of money damages will depend on proving negligence on the part of the store owner, or someone under his or her employ. This generally means that the owner knew, or at least should have known of the dangerous condition that led to the injury and failed to do anything to correct it.

It must also be established that but for the existence of that dangerous condition, you would not have been injured, and the dangerous condition in fact did cause your injury; and lastly that you suffered some measurable damages from that injury.

Store owners are also familiar with the concept of shopping injuries, and they may raise defenses. These can range from denial of any dangerous condition to denial of any awareness of it, or even a claim it was your own fault for not avoiding the hazard.

Accordingly, if you have suffered an injury at a store, it will be important to establish the facts that existed at the time of the injury. A personal injury law firm can help you to evaluate the possibility of making a claim based on a shopping injury.

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