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Was security present when woman attacked outside Santa Ana club?

Digital technology has revolutionized recreational photography. Instead of waiting to have an entire roll developed, we can check immediately to see if someone's eyes are closed, if there are shadows or even if a specific pose makes us look a little chubbier than we might like. In some cases, we might even notice the excited face of someone we don't know thrown into the mix.

If you notice this last photographic anomaly, you have most likely been "photobombed." In most cases, the photographer has a little laugh, resets and then takes another picture with only the individuals intended to be in the original shot. This certainly wasn't the case outside a Santa Ana nightclub in late January.

On Friday, Jan. 17, a group of individuals set up for a photo, and just before they took the shot, a young woman stepped between the camera and the group. Instead of laughing off this possible photobomb, this group became unusually upset and physically attacked the young woman.

When the victim lost her footing and fell to the ground, they began kicking her until she lost consciousness. The 23-year-old girl was eventually taken to a hospital, but the horrific attack had already caused permanent damage. After a week on life support, the young girl died as a result of the injuries she had suffered.

Two individuals have already been arrested by law enforcement, but are they the only ones responsible for the death? Fights are much more likely at nightclubs where a significant amount of alcohol is often consumed. It is common knowledge, which is why many clubs also employ bouncers.

A case such as this one begs the question “where were the bouncers throughout this incident?”

Property owners have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for the individuals that are invited there. When negligent security leads to serious injury, the property owners could be held liable in a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for the damage that is caused.

Source: Peta Pixel, “Santa Ana Woman Beaten to Death Outside of a Nightclub Over a Photobomb,” Jan. 29, 2014

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