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Road rage is more common than ever before

If you think that it seems like drivers are angrier these days, you are very observant. Road rage is a growing problem that seems to be flying mostly under the radar. Despite how dangerous and even deadly road rage can be, few people seem to be willing to address the issue.

This is not an isolated problem, either. You can find angry drivers all across California and the rest of the United States, putting virtually everyone on the road at risk. Here is just how dangerous road rage can be.

Fatal car accidents can happen when drivers pass unsafely

Many California drivers can likely remember a number of times when they've needed to pass a vehicle in front of them by temporarily entering the opposite lane. Such a maneuver can usually be completed safely, provided the driver follows the rules of the road, as indicated by the yellow center lines. However, some people choose to ignore such rules, whether because they are impatient and cannot wait to pass or for some other reason. Unfortunately, sometimes these people cause horrific car accidents when they collide with oncoming vehicles.

Such was the case on a recent Monday afternoon when, according to a California Highway Patrol news release, an unidentified driver traveling east on a roadway northwest of Paso Robles crossed over a double yellow line to pass a vehicle. As the driver moved into the westbound lane, the car collided with another vehicle heading west. The driver of the first vehicle and a front-seat passenger were pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Car accidents involving bicycles often end with fatality

Many California residents rely on a bicycle as their main mode of transportation. However, cyclists tend to be vulnerable when they are sharing the road with motor vehicles, so car accidents involving bicycles are not unusual. Unfortunately, a cyclist was killed recently in Fremont when he was struck from behind by another man driving a car.

The incident happened very early on a Wednesday morning. According to police, the 28-year-old cyclist was rear-ended by the vehicle, driven by a 25-year-old man. Although the investigation is ongoing, police have said it appears the bicycle rolled up onto the vehicle, then remained there for some distance as the car continued to move. When the driver braked, the cyclist was thrown off. Arriving investigators found the victim lying in the street, but despite attempts to help him, he was declared dead at the scene.

Dental assistant awarded $1.47 million in slip-and-fall incident

Employers in California and all other states have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all their employees, regardless of the type of business. Unfortunately, some business owners neglect to ensure that all safety measures are in place and properly maintained, and as a result, sometimes workers suffer serious injuries. Such was the case for a woman in another state who was recently awarded $1.47 million following a slip-and-fall incident at her workplace that resulted in an irreparable back injury.

The incident happened in Sept. 2014. The 55-year-old woman had been working as a dental assistant when she slipped on water leaking from a sprinkler system in the office at which she works, causing a back injury. She endured several surgeries while attempting to repair the injury, but apparently, doctors were not able to fix the issue.

Tragic car accidents can happen when drivers run red lights

Most California drivers pay careful attention to road signs and light directions at intersections. However, tragic car accidents can happen when a driver seemingly ignores signage or does not see it for some reason. Such was the case recently when four people and two dogs were killed in a horrific crash at an intersection in Lancaster.

The crash happened early on a Wednesday afternoon. According to authorities, a vehicle traveling westbound ran a red light at the intersection and collided with another vehicle headed north. The three occupants of the second vehicle were ejected after crashing into a signal pole. Police have said they did not appear to have been wearing seat belts.

California car accidents: 4 people killed in head-on crash

People who have indulged in drugs or alcohol and still insist on driving should expect that their evening may end in tragedy. Car accidents often result when a driver exercises poor judgment, and alcohol can seriously impact a person's judgment. In a recent example, a young woman suspected of drunk driving killed four motorcyclists when she drove the wrong way on a California highway.

The horrific accident happened just after 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning. According to a California Highway Patrol officer, the 24-year-old woman was driving an SUV north in the southbound lane. She struck two motorcycles head-on, ejecting and killing all four riders, all in their 40s.

Phone addicts fueling distracted driving epidemic

Whether you believe that humans' attention spans are shrinking, you have probably noticed that more and more drivers are looking at their phones when behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a serious and growing problem, and while many people engage in distracting behavior, one group is driving a sharp increase of this problem. Phone addicts spend more time on their phones while driving, and they are putting you at risk.

Like many addicts, phone addicts rarely recognize that they have a problem. This means that most are unwilling to address their dangerous driving habits. A Distracted Driving Study from Zendrive broke down just how serious this problem is becoming.

Jury awards server $235,000 for on-the-job injuries due to fall

Many California residents are employed in the restaurant industry, and a significant number of those make their living waiting on tables. Although most jobs come with risk of some sort, this job, like any that is physically demanding, may carry more potential for on-the-job injuries. Unfortunately, injuries that do occur are sometimes a result of an employer's negligence. In a recent example, a jury awarded $235,000 to a waitress in another state who suffered a broken elbow after she slipped and fell on a wet floor in the restaurant at which she was employed.

The accident happened in May, 2015. According to the lawsuit, the restaurant owner forced the woman to serve his friends after the restaurant closed, even though she had told him the just-mopped tile floor was slippery. As a result, she slipped and fell, suffering a broken elbow. Her lawyer has issued a statement saying she required surgery due to the injury, and her surgeon testified that she has developed post-traumatic arthritis, a permanent condition in the elbow.

Car accidents involving speed often end with fatality

Most California city streets are busy places, with various types of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists vying for space. Presumably, everyone hopes to move about the urban landscape safely, but in order to do so, each person must consistently follow the rules of the road. In particular, people operating motor vehicles should pay attention to their speed when driving in a busy area, as car accidents can easily happen when a driver treats a city street as if it were a highway. This seems to be what happened recently when a woman blew through a red light, killing a pedestrian and seriously injuring his wife.

The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon at an intersection in San Francisco's Tenderloin District. A 21-year-old woman driving a rental car allegedly ran through a red light, collided with another vehicle that had the right of way, and crashed into a couple in a crosswalk. Tragically, the incident left a 39-year-old man dead and his wife in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Jury awards $1.9 million to woman in slip-and-fall accident

When people enter a retail store in California and elsewhere, typically, they are focused on locating and purchasing the needed goods that brought them there in the first place. Many people, while searching shelves, reaching for products and perhaps even carrying on conversation with others may not notice they are walking on an unsafe surface, especially if there are no signs warning customers of unsafe conditions. Recently, a woman in another state was awarded $1.9 million for injuries she suffered in a slip-and-fall accident.

The incident happened in 2016 when the 47-year-old woman was buying sodas at a convenience store. She slipped and fell in a puddle of water, landing on her tailbone and her right hand. The water had collected in front of a bin of ice and beer. Following the fall, she went to a local emergency room and found she had two herniated discs in her neck, a complete tear in her rotator cuff, nerve damage in her wrist and an injury in her lumbar spine. The woman has already endured two surgeries and requires another surgery later this year, and since the accident, she has undergone physical therapy, pain management and spinal injections.


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