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Baby dies in tragic California car accident

A Californian family has to come to terms with the death of a seven-month-old baby after she was killed in a crash on a recent Thursday in August. The car accident happened shortly after 8:00 p.m. in the evening. Several other children were also critically injured in the accident, which involved three cars.

According to the reports from the Californian Highway Patrol (CHP), a male driver, aged 18, crossed over the solid double-yellow lines into the path of a female driver. The force of the impact flung the female driver's vehicle to the right of the highway, where it struck a tree. As the young male driver had no control over his car, it hit another car.

Dealing with insurance adjusters after an accident

After a car accident, it may comfort you to have people around who care about your well-being. Your California medical team will be helping you toward recovery, and your friends and family will offer their support and encouragement. You may even receive a visit from a kind and compassionate insurance adjuster who presents you with a check just at the moment when you were feeling anxious about your medical bills.

However, before you accept that check or sign any papers, you should be aware of some of the tactics insurance companies use to protect their own bottom line. While it may seem callous to feel suspicious of the person who is saying the right thing at the right time and offering you the funds you need, understanding how insurance companies train their agents may help you avoid rushing into a settlement that is not in your best interests.

Motorcycle accidents -- dangers attached to being a biker

Riding a bike on the open road may be the epitome of freedom, and the summer months are the best time to spend on the open road, according to avid Californian bikers. That is just one side of the story, however. The other side claims that biking is a lot riskier than driving a car.

It is much easier to maintain control of a car than a bike. Cars also offer more protection, as drivers are enclosed in a car's body, while a motorcycle offers no extra protection in the case of an accident. This lack of protection exposes a biker to a greater risk of death or serious injury.

Truck accidents: A tragic Californian example

Large trucks carrying heavy loads are not an uncommon sight on California roads. These massive vehicles transport all kinds of goods all over the state. Unfortunately, truck accidents often cause serious injuries to those involved.

An accident on a recent Wednesday at the end of July is a tragic example of the serious consequences of truck accidents. It is reported that a logging truck overturned as it went around a bend in the road. The truck's load spilled onto the road and landed in the path of an oncoming vehicle, an empty logging truck.

Taking notes when an accident proves a test to your well-being

A motor vehicle accident can happen at any given moment and under a variety of circumstances, and knowing how best to handle the situation can be a challenging task. Even a minor fender-bender might pose a threat to your plans for the day and leave you facing substantial repair fees.

If your accident is more serious in nature, the costs of medical care and the likelihood of time of work could leave you in search of some much-needed financial relief. If the other driver is at fault in the accident, you might wish to pursue restitution, and the notes you take of the event and fallout thereof could prove vital.

Postal worker dies -- workers' compensation claim possible

Record-high summer temperatures have been recorded in California during the month of July. While some may enjoy the hot weather, workers may be exposed to unsafe work conditions, especially if they work in an environment where they are not protected from these high temperatures. The possibility of workers' compensation claims cannot be excluded.

The death of a postal worker, who had worked for the U.S Postal Service for many years, is currently under investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA). When the postal worker was found in a U.S. Postal Service vehicle, she was unresponsive and later declared dead at the scene. The case is still under investigation, and there has been no confirmation that the extreme heat played a role in her death. OHSA's investigation into work-related deaths, where it is not clear that the death was due to natural causes, is not uncommon.

Lone workers claiming workers' compensation -- what to know

The saying "safety in numbers" holds particularly true in establishing a safe working environment. Often safety awareness is created when one employee observes another. However, unsafe working conditions may lead to claims for monetary relief. In cases of workers working on their own away from others, one question arises -- do such workers have the same rights in terms of workers' compensation claims?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that employers in California and other states ensure the workplace is safe for all workers. At the same time, there are no legal limitation on employees working on their own as long as they are required to check in at regular intervals. Workers working on their own -- whether it be outside, in other people's homes, meeting people outside the organization, or out of the sight of co-workers -- are called lone workers.

Car accidents: Collision at intersection claims life

A collision can take place in the blink of an eye and under a variety of circumstances. However, some scenarios are more common than others, as many car accidents occur at intersections when one party fails to adhere to a traffic light or stop sign. A recent crash that took place under similar conditions in California has reportedly claimed the life of a 77-year-old woman.

Law enforcement agents have advised that the incident in question occurred just before 3 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. For reasons that remain under investigation, a driver failed to adhere to a stop sign, and upon entering an intersection, her vehicle proceeded to strike a car. The impact of the collision caused both vehicles to travel off the road and caused the car to roll over and collide with a nearby tree.

Workers' compensation: The risks posed by welder fumes and gases

In its pursuit of protecting workers from harm, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations for all industries. The California Division of Health and Safety visits companies to monitor the compliance with these rules. Where necessary, OSHA puts industry-specific regulations in place to address hazards that are unique, or of exceptional concern for particular industries. Records of workers' compensation benefits claims often indicate which injuries and illnesses are prevalent in specific sectors.

One group of specialized workers that are protected by OSHA is welders. These workers, along with their coworkers, are exposed to dangerous welding gases and fumes. Too many welders suffer long-term health problems due to exposure to these respiratory hazards, and because the damage could occur over time, pinpointing an onset date is never easy.

Motorcycle accidents: Vulnerability of bikers evident in accident

After a long cold winter, the warmer months create an ideal time to feel the freedom of the road on a motorbike. Many bikers express the view that there is nothing like the feeling of riding one's bike on the open roads, but many will also acknowledge the vulnerability of a biker and the possibility of serious injury in motorcycle accidents. A recent fatal accident in California is just one more example of how vulnerable a biker is.

The accident happened on a recent Saturday at the end of June around lunchtime. According to the reports, a 56-year-old man was traveling on his 2004 Harley Davidson when a 46-year-old man driving an SUV turned into his path. It is not clear if the biker was speeding. The biker tried to avoid the impact by laying his motorcycle down.


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