Did You Contract Valley Fever From Your Job?

Valley Fever (also known as coccidioidomycosis or cocci) is an illness that affects people who work with the soil in occupations such as construction, agriculture or landscaping. While the fungus that causes Valley Fever in California is most common in the Central Valley, workers in other parts of the state are affected as well.

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What are the symptoms of Valley Fever? The symptoms of Valley Fever are similar to flu or pneumonia, and may include fever, tiredness, cough, chest pain, muscle aches, weight loss or rash.

I Have Valley Fever. Can I Get Medical Treatment?

If you contracted Valley Fever through your job, you are entitled to benefits from California workers' compensation. Those benefits include medical care and lost wages.

What If I Didn't Report It Right Away?

Unlike an accidental injury, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where you contracted Valley Fever. Initially, you may have thought you had a bad cold or flu. You are still entitled to workers' compensation as long as you notify your employer as soon as you are aware that you have contracted the illness. Your employer is then required to provide you a workers' compensation claim form. Our lawyers are available to help if:

  • Your employer refused to provide you a claim form.
  • You need help completing the form.
  • Your employer stopped your benefits.
  • You are unable to work for a long period of time.
  • You are concerned about the possibility of diminished work capacity in the future.

Most workers who contract Valley Fever recover completely in about a month. Unfortunately, others suffer chronic illness from the disease. To protect your health and your job, it's important to apply for workers' compensation benefits and receive the medical care you need to get better.

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For More Information About Workers' Compensation And Valley Fever

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