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Workers' Compensation Archives

Musculoskeletal injuries: Modern day on-the-job injuries

The modern day workplace is significantly different from the workplace of 50 or more years ago. In recent times, there has been a drastic increase in musculoskeletal disorder resulting in on\-the\-job injuries and leading to high costs for employers. California industries are increasingly paying attention to workplace ergonomics to decrease the impact of this modern day workplace injury.

Don't be left high and dry by a roofing injury

Roof workers in California often put their lives on the line, regardless of whether they work on the roof of a single- or multi-story building. However, employers can anticipate most of the hazards their employees have to face, and proper planning can eliminate known safety threats. Compliance with federal safety regulations may keep you safe.

Vulnerability to on-the-job injuries increase with age

It would appear as if there is an increased reluctance to retire at the traditional age for retirement, leading to increased numbers of older people staying in the workforce. The United States government projects that, by 2024, a quarter of the work force will consist of workers past the traditional age of retirement. The on\-the\-job injuries suffered by older workers can potentially be more serious in nature, and it has been shown that, while there is an overall decrease in work-related deaths, there is an increase in workplace fatalities of older workers.

OSHA takes steps to stop on-the-job injuries

Workplace conditions at a prison in another state have prompted a campaign by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to tackle risks to all kinds of workers. The national office received an eight-page complaint from one of the prison's correctional officers, detailing the dangerous situation in which the employees were working. Guidelines set forth by OSHA to reduce the risks of on\-the\-job injuries are valid in all 50 states, including California.

Defendants plead guilty to workers' compensation fraud

Two defendants recently pleaded guilty to charges of infringing on the rights of an injured worker, among others. Both Salinas County, California men admitted to hiding an event which would have possibly lead to an injured worker receiving workers' compensation. They also stated that they lied in order to obtain a lower premium for workers' comp insurance. They also failed to file their payroll tax returns with the intention of evading taxes.

One state fights to add PTSD to workers' compensation

After trying for three years, one state is close to adding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to its list of approved workers' comp disorders. While this hasn't yet happened in California, this could be the beginning of changes in the workers' compensation insurance for many states. The bill does not allow claims for PTSD in all circumstances, but it will allow claims to be made for the condition for the first time in history.

Man killed in possible power plant equipment malfunction

A 47-year-old man was killed when a high-pressure valve exploded at Riverside County power plant. It is possible that an equipment malfunction caused the death of the man at the Palm Springs, California, location. The plant will remain open as an investigation is underway into the accident that claimed the life of the Sentinel Energy Project worker.

Workers' compensation: injuries while working at home

The Internet enabled millions of Americans to join the workforce as "telecommuters." Telecommuting means that you work from home the majority of the time. But what happens if you are injured at home while working? Can you file for workers' compensation? This post will go over the issues involved in filing for one of these claims.

Your aches and pains may not be age-related

If your job involves actions that you have to do repetitively, the pain in your arms or hands may not be -- as you suspected -- a symptom of getting old, but rather a work-related injury. It could be a condition called repetitive strain injury (RSI) that develops from excessive use of specific parts of the body. The level of pain it causes may build up slowly, and the fact that painkillers provide relief should not stop you from consulting with a doctor.

Undocumented, non-English speaking workers have many questions

Over the holidays, many California companies in counties such as Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County employ temporary workers to cope with the increased workloads. Industries include agriculture, construction, warehousing, retail and more. The latter two may not seem like industries that could pose serious injury hazards. However, workers at all levels of employment regardless of their nationalities are entitled to workers' compensation coverage if they suffer on-the-job injuries.


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