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Premises Liability Archives

Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to premises liability claims

The potential for premises liability is overwhelming, as it can happen just about everywhere. Any uneven surface, albeit in a parking lot or building, or cluttered spaces can result in slip\-and\-fall accidents. California consumers have a right to expect that owners and landlords ensure that their premises are safe.

Macy's sued in slip-and-fall accident case

A couple has filed a suit in another state against Macy's Department Stores after the woman claims to have fallen in one of the chain's locations. According to the report, she tumbled to the floor because a bead, which was left in the aisle, rolled underneath her foot. The two have made allegations of negligence in the slip\-and\-fall case. Similar cases are heard every day in the state of California.

Woman awarded over $2M in slip-and-fall accident at Home Goods

A woman has been awarded over 2 million dollars after injuring her foot and hip at a Home Goods store. According to her suit, she was hurt while trying to return a couple of items to the furniture shop. The slip\-and\-fall accident occurred at the store's Fresno, California, location.

Trip-and-fall lawsuit against Walgreens continued

A trial against Walgreens, the pharmacy store chain, has been continued in court. The trip\-and\-fall case was first filed in Sept. 2015. The plaintiff is suing for $75,000 on allegations of negligence. Although this lawsuit is pending in another state, many similar claims are filed in California every year. 

City agrees to $48,000 slip-and-fall settlement

A woman who was injured when she fell on a city sidewalk was recently awarded a $48,000 settlement. The woman sued the California city after her fall two years ago. In order to prevail in a slip\-and\-fall lawsuit, the person must be able to show that the accident occurred due to the property owner's negligence.

California mayor's wife sues city for trip-and-fall injuries

After tripping on the sidewalk and falling, one former mayor's wife is suing the city that her husband once served. A trip\-and\-fall lawsuit has been filed against the city of San Diego, California on behalf of its former mayor's wife. The woman claims that she suffered serious injury in the fall, which caused her breast implants to rupture.

Macy's agrees to settle slip-and-fall lawsuit

In California and elsewhere, an accident can happen at any moment. Something as simple as a cracked sidewalk can cause a slip\-and\-fall accident that leaves a victim with lifelong suffering. As such, property owners have a certain duty to take reasonable measures to protect those lawfully on their property. A failure to take such measures that then results in an accident can result in a civil lawsuit.

Landscaping company disputes slip-and-fall lawsuit claim

A landscaping company located in another state has filed their objections to a slip\-and\-fall accusation made against them in court. The plaintiff in this case claims that the company was contracted for snow removal services and failed to properly remove the snow, causing injury. The plaintiff was an employee at a convenience store, where she fell after slipping on ice and snow. Slip-and-fall accidents are also an issue in the state of California.

When should you sue for an accident in a parking lot?

Most people assume that accidents in parking lots are fender benders. While true, many are, fender benders are not the exclusive source of tort liability in parking lots, especially in the winter. This post will go over the types of situations that arise in parking lots and how might recover compensation in each scenario.

A review of music venue liability

Music venues and open-air concerts are among the biggest draws for crowds and frivolity. Likely you or someone you know has been to a music festival. When you go to these festivals, you never expect to get injured, let alone seriously. Unfortunately, injuries at these festivals occur frequently.


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