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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Don't let slip-and-fall myths stop pursuit of recovery of damages

Although property owners and landlords in California must maintain their premises in ways that would not threaten the safety of visitors who lawfully enter their properties, this is often not the case. Countless incidents occur every year in which slip-and-fall incidents cause serious injuries. Most people know that the property owner can be held responsible if there is proof of negligence, but many myths exist, making people doubt the viability of their claims.

Motorcycle accidents: Fatal accident underscores vulnerability

An accident between a motorcycle and a car on a recent Sunday evening in July left one person seriously injured and another dead. The accident provides yet another example of the vulnerability of bikers when involved in motorcycle accidents. In most instances, things turn out badly for those on the motorcycle.

ATV accidents and injuries explained

ATVs, or "all-terrain vehicles," are a type of four-wheeled vehicle used for both work and recreational purposes. People often drive them around at moderately high speeds for pleasure. Additionally, farmers will use ATVs to get around their properties to inspect crops, livestock, and other farm duties. ATVs, while not as ubiquitous as cars, have their place and use.

Motorcycle fatalities by the numbers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) collects data on a variety of accidents involving a range of vehicles, from trucks to ATVs. The IIHS collects this information to inform the government, the insurance and car industries, and everyday people. The latest year IIHS has available on motorcycle/ATV accidents is 2014, and this post will discuss their findings.

Motorcycle accidents caused by negligence

Motorcycle accidents are quite common in the U.S. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injuries and unseen dangers than automobile drivers. This is because there is no substantial barrier between the rider and the road. If you are a motorcycle rider, you should be aware of your legal rights in case of a traffic accident.

A driver can get compensation when they are uninsured

You are cruising to work on your motorcycle on the same road you always travel on and suddenly, you are hit by an oncoming vehicle. You are suffering debilitating and serious injuries, which can affect you from functioning as you previously did prior to your accident. You might be struggling to perform your normal routine, which includes driving the kids to work, running errands, concentrating and maintaining focus, and completing daily tasks.  The other party claims that it was an unintentional accident, meanwhile your injuries have worsened.

Helmets aren't just for safety

Many states, including California, have mandatory helmet laws for motorcycles. It may seem like government overreach and a "nanny" state, but it is done to encourage people to ride their motorcycle safely. Regardless of your opinion, if you are caught without a helmet, it could result in a ticket. Aside from the safety aspect, absence of a helmet could be used by the defendant to reduce the money that he or she owes you.

Commonly overlooked motorcycle accident injury - road rash

For most of us, when we think of motorcycle accidents, images of horrific crashes instantly come to mind. Due partly because of the lack of protection a motorcyclist has in comparison to other modes of transportation but also in part because of how easy it is to miss seeing a rider if you are distracted for even a moment. Unfortunately, a distracted driver is the most common cause of all accidents, including motorcycle accidents.

How do you strengthen your case after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents almost always result in significant injuries to the motorcyclist. If you look at the statistics in California alone, a large majority of them are fatal. This is due to the minimal protection that a motorcycle provides when compared to a vehicle such as a car or a truck. When injuries are more significant, the case will become a lot more complex. There are also a number of additional factors that come into play when dealing with a motorcycle accident case, such as the science behind the accident.


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