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Hit-and-run car accidents can create havoc for those left behind

A tragic hit-and-run accident on a recent Thursday in November left a family in mourning and robbed a baby girl of the love of a father. Fatal car accidents, especially hit-and-run accidents leave so many unanswered questions in the minds of the bereaved family. This accident is no different.

According to reports, the 26-year-old victim, an ex-marine, was crossing a Californian roadway when he was hit by two vehicles. The first car to hit him was a classic car. Moments thereafter, he was hit by an SUV. His body was recovered blocks from where he was struck the first time. Both drivers left the accident scene.  

OSHA publishes the year's most common safety violations

Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publishes a list of the 10 most frequently violated safety rules in workplaces across the country. The purpose of this list is to remind workers and employers of the dangers of violating these standards, with the hope that the number of injuries will decrease.

Although the list appears every year, very little changes with each new posting. The same violations in practically the same order may indicate that, despite OSHA's efforts, workers and their supervisors are not taking seriously the need for greater caution on the job.

Trip-and-fall not the only grounds for premises liability

Why can't hotel guests open the windows in their rooms completely in California and across the United States? A security consultant says that, in the majority of states, building codes contain restrictions on how wide hotel windows may open in order the make rooms more secure. Windows that only open slightly make trip\-and\-fall accidents through them nearly impossible.

However, this is not the only motivation for the restrictions. Open windows also cause the doors to rooms to slam shut, especially if the hotel has an atrium. Many of these doors are very heavy and can cause serious injury to fingers and hands that might just be in the way. Smokers also try to open windows nice and wide to evade smoke detectors and then get rid of their cigarettes by flicking them through the open window. This habit can be hazardous.

3,000 Californians die in car accidents annually

Cars have changed significantly over the last 100 years. They have definitely become a lot faster and more dangerous. Fortunately, an awareness of the greater safety hazards cars hold has led to improvements made to cars by the automotive industry. Even though there is an increased awareness of road safety, thousands of people die in car accidents on roads in the United States every year.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety estimates that approximately 3,000 Californians die in auto accidents annually. Driver error is the biggest cause of these fatal accidents. However, there are other common reasons for accidents, which drivers' can avoid by taking certain practical steps.  

Family sues after trip-and-fall accident

A duty lies on the relevant authorities or owners of buildings to keep visitors to stadiums, shoppers in shopping malls and even pedestrians walking on pavements safe from injury by ensuring all possible hazards are eliminated. Anyone in California who has been seriously injured in a trip\-and\-fall accident, or similar mishap, may have grounds to file a civil claim against the owner or relevant authority. A wrongful death claim has recently been filed by a family in another state approximately a year after a father of five fell to his death at a stadium.

The deceased fell approximately 60 feet at a football game on Oct. 24 last year. The victim suffered injuries to his upper body and died as a result of his fall. A number of defendants, including food vendors, the company managing the stadium and stadium owner are named in the lawsuit.

Workers' compensation: firemen at risk of serious injury

Everybody, no matter their occupation, is at risk of workplace injuries, but some jobs are more dangerous than others. One such job is firefighting. A recent study has shown that, apart from the more obvious high risk to injury, firefighters may also be more prone to heart attacks.    

Firefighters across the United States, including California, are exposed daily to possible death or injury, while saving the lives of others. It is a well-known fact that a firefighter's job is difficult and stressful, but this recent study exposed a risk to firefighters about which no one has ever thought. The researchers of the study found that one of the leading causes of death among firefighters is sudden heart attacks.

When sharing the road with a semi proves hazardous to your health

The number of commercial vehicles that are out on California roads increases with each new day. As a consumer, you may rely on these trucks to transport a variety of goods from place to place, but with the inherent size and weight of a semi, as a driver, their presence may also pose a threat to your safety.

While you probably don't want to be in any type of collision, you might have a fervent desire to avoid one with a commercial vehicle. Accidents involving large trucks can be devastating, and if hit by a semi, you may be the one who suffers the consequences.

Motorcycle accidents: Hazards to watch out for on the road

Avid bikers may tell you that there is something very special about being on the road on a motorcycle -- a feeling of freedom. While motorcycles are fun to ride, it requires a certain degree of awareness of your surroundings to stay safe. There are a number of hazards on roads across California that may cause bikers serious injuries if these go unnoticed.

Something as common as loose gravel on roads can lead to a motorcyclist losing control of his or her bike. Loose dirt and rocks require extra vigilance and are often found at intersections, near construction sites and turns. Rubbish lying on the roadway creates the same kind of danger. Oil or other fluids are often spilled on roads. These spills are also dangerous, as they may result in a loss of traction, which may result in a nasty fall.  

Broken pavement results in large payout to injured cyclist

Many people use bicycles to get around for a variety reasons, ranging from fitness and health to economical constraints. Unfortunately, cyclist also face numerous hazards on their journeys. One such a hazard, which often may go unnoticed, is the danger of broken and uneven pavement.

A recent decision by one city council in California to settle a civil claim by paying out an amount of $ 7.5 million to an injured cyclists illustrates the danger posed by broken or uneven pavements. This ruling came only one month after another claim by a cyclist was settled for $6.5 million. In this instance, the cyclist suffered a brain injury.  

Workers' compensation: The importance of safety

One of the most hazardous careers one can pick is to work in the construction industry. The heavy machinery, dangerous materials and large structures that construction workers work around contribute to the danger they face daily. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) reports that ten percent of construction workers are injured on the job annually, some of which result in workers' compensation claims.

There are some measures a California employer or a manager can implement in order to create safer working conditions. The first step starts when a new employee joins the company by holding orientation meetings focused on the expected safety standards. New recruits can also be kept safe by the implementation of a system where more experienced workers are teamed up with the less experienced newbies.


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