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Orange County Personal Injury Law Blog

Six killed in California trucking accident

A recent fatal crash on a Californian highway once again illustrates the tragic damage one single reckless action can cause. The trucking accident happened on a Tuesday in early September. Five people died at the scene of the crash, while the sixth person died in hospital.

According to police reports, a semi-truck was struck by an SUV after the SUV driver failed to stop at a stop sign. The 58-year-old truck driver was seriously injured. He had to be airlifted to a hospital in the area. He passed away six days after the accident.

Auto accidents: Fatal 3-car crash blamed on suspected DUI driver

A road in Riverside County was closed for approximately four hours on a recent Wednesday. The California Highway Patrol reported that this followed a multi-vehicle crash that claimed the life of one person. It is suspected that this was yet another of those auto accidents that involved an intoxicated driver.

An accident report indicates that the suspected impaired driver was heading south in a pickup truck when the vehicle inexplicably veered across the center line into the northbound traffic lanes. The pickup truck smashed head-on into an SUV heading north, causing it to overturn and strike a van that was also northbound. The SUV driver did not survive the collision.

Musculoskeletal injuries: Modern day on-the-job injuries

The modern day workplace is significantly different from the workplace of 50 or more years ago. In recent times, there has been a drastic increase in musculoskeletal disorder resulting in on\-the\-job injuries and leading to high costs for employers. California industries are increasingly paying attention to workplace ergonomics to decrease the impact of this modern day workplace injury.

Musculoskeletal injuries may result in repeated surgical intervention, constant pain, an inability to work and consequently losses for a company due to lower productivity. Employers may find that by adjusting the workplace to meet the ergonomic needs of their employees, workplace injuries may decrease and productivity may increase. It has been proven that employees who feel comfortable will remain at their desk for longer periods of time, completing more tasks in a given period.

Motorcycle accidents -- bikers are at so much more risk

Bikers often speak about the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle and the feeling of freedom they experience on California roadways. Unfortunately, there is another less pleasant part to being a biker -- the increased risk of motorcycle accidents. One thing is certain: a biker is also more exposed in case of a collusion.

There are different safety features to protect motorcyclists. First and foremost, is a helmet to protect their heads when they fall or are otherwise involved in an accident. Helmets can prevent serious head injuries, and they are often credited with saving lives.

Don't be left high and dry by a roofing injury

Roof workers in California often put their lives on the line, regardless of whether they work on the roof of a single- or multi-story building. However, employers can anticipate most of the hazards their employees have to face, and proper planning can eliminate known safety threats. Compliance with federal safety regulations may keep you safe.

A proper risk assessment before commencing with a roof project will determine the pitch of the roof and the heights of the different levels to ensure you use the required lengths of lanyards. It will allow construction company owners to identify the requirements for guard rails to put around roof edges and roof openings. Furthermore, no roofer must be without fall protection and a comprehensive knowledge of how to use the equipment.

Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to premises liability claims

The potential for premises liability is overwhelming, as it can happen just about everywhere. Any uneven surface, albeit in a parking lot or building, or cluttered spaces can result in slip\-and\-fall accidents. California consumers have a right to expect that owners and landlords ensure that their premises are safe.

In many cases, when someone trips, falls or slips, it is no accident. Very often injuries could have been prevented if the owner or manager of the premises took a close look at the walking surfaces and the possible dangers these hold. Surfaces which are uneven, in a state of disrepair, slippery, wet, not properly lighted or marked, and even changes in elevation, pose a danger and people should be made aware of the fact.

DUI car accidents kill -- California accident one more example

While everything possible is done to deter people from driving while under the influence, there always seem to be those who still believe nothing will go wrong. A tragic accident on a recent Friday night clearly illustrates the horrific consequences of DUI car accidents. The accident led to the death of four innocent people, while another was seriously injured.

According to police reports, the accident happened shortly after 12:30 p.m. on a recent Friday evening. It is reported that a mother, grandmother and two children were forced to stop on a California freeway because their car was overheating. A pick-up driver decided to stop and provide assistance to the two ladies.

Vulnerability to on-the-job injuries increase with age

It would appear as if there is an increased reluctance to retire at the traditional age for retirement, leading to increased numbers of older people staying in the workforce. The United States government projects that, by 2024, a quarter of the work force will consist of workers past the traditional age of retirement. The on\-the\-job injuries suffered by older workers can potentially be more serious in nature, and it has been shown that, while there is an overall decrease in work-related deaths, there is an increase in workplace fatalities of older workers.

Older people in the workforce, in California, as across the U.S., may find that they are more vulnerable to suffering serious workplace injuries because of the physical changes brought about by age. Aging leads to a gradual decrease in hearing and vision, a slower response time and problems with balance among others. All of these factors lead to a situation where greater protection may be needed for workers in the age group of 55 – 70.

Pedestrian safety measures may not always prevent accidents

Almost everyone needs information regarding pedestrian safety at some point. The reason for this need relates to the fact that most people end up as pedestrians. Even if you use a vehicle to travel to and from locations, you will likely exit your vehicle and have to walk some distance to get to your final destination. During even a short amount of time, you could face serious risks, which may increase during longer walks.

No matter the distance you travel on foot, you may want to ensure that you take proper precautions to remain safe. In some cases, taking the extra safety measures could prevent accidents, injuries or even death.

Don't let slip-and-fall myths stop pursuit of recovery of damages

Although property owners and landlords in California must maintain their premises in ways that would not threaten the safety of visitors who lawfully enter their properties, this is often not the case. Countless incidents occur every year in which slip-and-fall incidents cause serious injuries. Most people know that the property owner can be held responsible if there is proof of negligence, but many myths exist, making people doubt the viability of their claims.

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen on icy walkways, wet or slippery store floors, damaged surfaces in parking lots and more. A negligent property owner may be quick to tell fall victims that it was their own fault and that they do not have valid claims or that the hazard was obvious and should have been avoided. Even if a landlord claims that there were warning signs posted, victims should not be deterred from exploring their legal options because none of these circumstances automatically makes a claim invalid.


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