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Orange County Personal Injury Law Blog

City agrees to $48,000 slip-and-fall settlement

A woman who was injured when she fell on a city sidewalk was recently awarded a $48,000 settlement. The woman sued the California city after her fall two years ago. In order to prevail in a slip\-and\-fall lawsuit, the person must be able to show that the accident occurred due to the property owner's negligence.

According to her claim, the woman was leaving a doctor's office in the March 2015 when she tripped. The cause of her fall was said to be a flaw in the sidewalk. One square of concrete was as much as two inches higher than the adjacent square. Evidence shows that the city had as many as 3000 sidewalks which were in need of repair at the time of the woman's fall.

California auto accidents: Second deputy killed

For the second time in just a few short months, a California sheriff's department has lost a deputy. The second fatality due to auto accidents has claimed another long-time employee for the department. The man was killed after his vehicle was hit from behind by a transport bus carrying a group of Tesla employees.

According to officials, the deputy was returning home after putting in an overtime shift at his job as a guard at the local jail. As he was traveling along a local highway, he purportedly slowed his speed, possibly due to the angle of the morning sun. However, the transport bus traveling behind him did not slow, and the larger vehicle slammed into the deputy's small Volkswagen

Defendants plead guilty to workers' compensation fraud

Two defendants recently pleaded guilty to charges of infringing on the rights of an injured worker, among others. Both Salinas County, California men admitted to hiding an event which would have possibly lead to an injured worker receiving workers' compensation. They also stated that they lied in order to obtain a lower premium for workers' comp insurance. They also failed to file their payroll tax returns with the intention of evading taxes.

The two men, a father and son, spent three years working as Farm Labor Contractors. During that time, they concealed their workers' injuries and did not report them; neither did they provide their injured workers with medical treatment, or any of the other benefits to which they were entitled. The two men also admitted to conspiring to commit insurance premium fraud.

Truck accidents: 1 dead, 9 injured in massive california crash

A recent crash between two big rigs has left one man dead and nine people injured. In one of the worst truck accidents to happen in California recently, freeway lanes were closed for hours as crews worked to clean up the debris left at the scene. The wreckage was said to have been charred and smoking for some time.

A transfer truck apparently crossed over the center divider and crashed into another transfer truck. According to witnesses, both trucks immediately burst into flames, with the massive fire leading to more collisions. Eight vehicles ended up becoming a part of the accident, sending nine people to the hospital and one to the morgue.

California mayor's wife sues city for trip-and-fall injuries

After tripping on the sidewalk and falling, one former mayor's wife is suing the city that her husband once served. A trip\-and\-fall lawsuit has been filed against the city of San Diego, California on behalf of its former mayor's wife. The woman claims that she suffered serious injury in the fall, which caused her breast implants to rupture.

According to the suit, the woman was walking on what she called a poorly maintained sidewalk when she fell. A raised crack in the pavement led her to tumble to the ground. A few weeks after this fall, the woman went to a clinic, complaining of deformities of her breast and pain in her chest.The report states that her breast implants were determined to be damaged beyond repair.

You were in an accident! Do you know what to do next?

Most accidents occur in the blink of an eye. One minute, you're driving along, and the next you find yourself confused and dazed. More than likely, you sit there wondering what just happened. From inside your car, you assess as much of the damage as you can.

In the chaos that follows, you might not know what you should do. You also might not know that the actions you take in the first minutes following an accident could affect your insurance claim and any potential personal injury claim you might think about filing.

Man killed in one of California's fatal trucking accidents

A 68-year-old man was killed in a crash which involved four other vehicles on a recent Friday afternoon. According to the California Highway Patrol, the man was operating a pickup truck that was involved in the wreck. The multiple-vehicle truck accident occurred near a rest stop, killing one driver while four others walked away with minor injuries. Trucking accidents are often a problem on California highways.

According to the report, a 60-year-old man driving a semi truck was headed eastbound when his vehicle apparently drifted off of the right shoulder of the highway. His semi clipped a vehicle, which caused his left-front tire to pop. The truck driver then lost control of his vehicle and sped into oncoming traffic.

Macy's agrees to settle slip-and-fall lawsuit

In California and elsewhere, an accident can happen at any moment. Something as simple as a cracked sidewalk can cause a slip\-and\-fall accident that leaves a victim with lifelong suffering. As such, property owners have a certain duty to take reasonable measures to protect those lawfully on their property. A failure to take such measures that then results in an accident can result in a civil lawsuit.

Macy's has recently settled a lawsuit accusing the department store of negligence. The lawsuit claims that a woman was at the store on Feb. 2013. Her foot apparently caught the crumpled edge of a floor mat. As a result, she fell, landing on her face.

One state fights to add PTSD to workers' compensation

After trying for three years, one state is close to adding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to its list of approved workers' comp disorders. While this hasn't yet happened in California, this could be the beginning of changes in the workers' compensation insurance for many states. The bill does not allow claims for PTSD in all circumstances, but it will allow claims to be made for the condition for the first time in history.

The bill has won preliminary approval in the state's house, and almost all sides of this issue are in agreement. The sponsors of the bill feel that it will be a big step in helping workers who are disabled by PTSD. Of course, in order to be able to claim the disability on their workers' compensation, a person would need to meet a few conditions. For example, a psychiatrist would need to state that the worker has PTSD from witnessing a traumatic event.

Lifting patients: The biggest threat to hospital worker safety

Hospital workers often do their jobs at great personal risk. With the intention of doing no harm and providing care to people who are ill or injured, doctors, nurses and other health care providers face the significant risk of injury. Dealing with sick patients and caring for people who are unable to care for themselves leads to a higher rate of injury for hospital workers than for those employed in the private sector.

California nurses and nursing assistants often suffer sprains and strains related to moving patients. It can be extremely difficult to move, lift, transport or reposition a patient, and overexertion is common. However, there are ways, through both training and certain equipment, to avoid injuries related to patient handling.


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