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Orange County Personal Injury Law Blog

Bicycle and auto accidents: California boy suffers consequences

A recent accident in California involving two cyclists and a pickup truck clearly illustrates the vulnerability of cyclists on roads in the Unites States. The accident happened on a Tuesday evening in July at approximately 8:45 p.m. A 16-year-old boy and his father were cycling in a suburban area at the time of the accident. Auto accidents involving bicyclists have the potential to cause serious injury to the less-protected bicycle riders, as made evident in this case.

According to California police reports, the young man was struck by a driver of a pickup truck from behind. He was then dragged along for at least a 100 feet. Only then did the driver stop his vehicle. The boy's father was also hit by the truck.

Motorcycle accidents: Fatal accident underscores vulnerability

An accident between a motorcycle and a car on a recent Sunday evening in July left one person seriously injured and another dead. The accident provides yet another example of the vulnerability of bikers when involved in motorcycle accidents. In most instances, things turn out badly for those on the motorcycle.

According to California traffic authorities, the accident, which happened approximately 6 p.m., seems to have been caused by the driver of the car. They believe that the 52-year-old car driver failed to see the motorcycle and turned into its path. None of the four occupants of the car was injured.

OSHA takes steps to stop on-the-job injuries

Workplace conditions at a prison in another state have prompted a campaign by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to tackle risks to all kinds of workers. The national office received an eight-page complaint from one of the prison's correctional officers, detailing the dangerous situation in which the employees were working. Guidelines set forth by OSHA to reduce the risks of on\-the\-job injuries are valid in all 50 states, including California.

After receiving the letter, an occupational health and safety specialist investigated the complaint. A few of the points in the man's letter were not under the jurisdiction of OSHA for the privately owned facility. There were, however, several issues that did warrant an investigation, such as inadequate locks on the cells, shortage of staff, correctional officers at risk of being attacked, and inadequate exit strategies.

Macy's sued in slip-and-fall accident case

A couple has filed a suit in another state against Macy's Department Stores after the woman claims to have fallen in one of the chain's locations. According to the report, she tumbled to the floor because a bead, which was left in the aisle, rolled underneath her foot. The two have made allegations of negligence in the slip\-and\-fall case. Similar cases are heard every day in the state of California.

The complaint states that the woman visited the location with intentions to purchase merchandise in December 2014. During her visit, however, she slipped on a bead, causing her to fall. She alleges that the fall caused her to suffer from constant pain and bodily injury. The plaintiffs insist that she now suffers from a disability and has incurred medical bills from the accident that the store chain should pay.

The work-related dangers of summer heat in California

While summer in California can be fun, it can be hazardous for workers in many different occupations. It is not only employees whose jobs keep them outdoors who are at risk, but also those in factories, warehouses and distribution centers where indoor temperatures can reach dangerous levels. Any operations that involve radiant heat sources, excessive humidity levels and high air temperatures can cause heat-related illness, and if the job also requires strenuous physical activities, the risk is even higher.

Statistics indicate that thousands of workers suffer heat-related illnesses every summer, and numerous heat stroke deaths occur annually. Sadly, employers can prevent many of these occupational illnesses and fatalities, but many fail to establish comprehensive prevention programs to protect employees from the heat.

Truck accidents: $250,000 settlement in fire truck crash

A crash between a motorcycle and a fire truck has cost one California city $250,000. A woman agreed to the settlement with the city of Palo Alto after losing control of her bike due to a large fire truck that was sitting in the middle of the road during a non-emergency situation. Truck accidents such as this often cause significant property damage and serious bodily harm to victims.

Court documents, which were supplied by the city attorney's office, show that the woman and her father were both riding motorcycles on the morning of the crash. It was alleged that both lanes of traffic were blocked by the fire truck, and there was no warning to oncoming traffic. The woman hit her brakes to avoid the truck, but that action caused her to lose control and wreck her motorcycle. She was thrown off the cycle and onto the highway.

Woman awarded over $2M in slip-and-fall accident at Home Goods

A woman has been awarded over 2 million dollars after injuring her foot and hip at a Home Goods store. According to her suit, she was hurt while trying to return a couple of items to the furniture shop. The slip\-and\-fall accident occurred at the store's Fresno, California, location.

The suit states that the 53-year-old woman went to the store in order to return four chairs that she had purchased at an earlier time. One of the employees met her in the parking lot with a flatbed cart to make it easier to transport the merchandise. The chairs became unstable, however, and fell off the cart. At that time, the employee asked the woman to help steady the chairs and walk alongside the cart. When they got to the door of the store, the employee accidentally struck the woman with the cart, and she fell.

Trip-and-fall lawsuit against Walgreens continued

A trial against Walgreens, the pharmacy store chain, has been continued in court. The trip\-and\-fall case was first filed in Sept. 2015. The plaintiff is suing for $75,000 on allegations of negligence. Although this lawsuit is pending in another state, many similar claims are filed in California every year. 

According to court records, the plaintiff claims that the accident occurred when she was walking in the aisle of a Walgreen's store in August of last year. She alleges that she tripped over an empty spray pallet that was empty and lying flat across the isle. The woman says that she suffered injuries during that fall.

Car accidents: Crash claims the life of pregnant woman and baby

A crash that took place on Mother's Day claimed the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. The cause of the wreck was determined to be a drunk driver who has been charged with eight felony counts, including both gross vehicular homicide while intoxicated and murder. The man called for a Lyft driver to take him to a bar after the crash. Car accidents such as this claim the lives of hundreds of California residents each year.

During his arraignment, the man pleaded not guilty on all charges, including hit-and-run and DUI. He is accused of slamming into the back of the young mother's car, causing her to veer into the center median and smash into a tree. A mile past the accident, the man allegedly abandoned his own wrecked car and called for a ride to a nearby bar. He was found at that tavern about an hour later and arrested by deputies.

Is a whiplash injury really that serious?

Because whiplash is a rather common type of motor vehicle accident injury, many people fail to see how this injury can be quite serious. Any injury to the neck can result in long-term pain and suffering, and most people require months to fully recover from whiplash. 

If you received a diagnosis of whiplash after a car accident in California, you could have a long road to recovery ahead of you. You would be wise to take this type of injury seriously, ensuring that you have the medical care you require as well as the legal support you need in order to determine if you have a valid civil claim.


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